Jimmy Rosenberg The One and Only - Which players on which tracks?

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I wanted to call on the collective knowledge of the Djangobooks form - to figure out which players on which tracks. Below are my guesses, but if anyone has some back-alley knowledge or other sources it would be really appreciated!

To my ears it always sounds like it's Jimmy Rosenberg with either Angelo Debarre or Bireli Lagrene, but never all 3 except on Troublant Bolero & Sheik of Araby (and Embraceable You & All of Me on the outtakes). Is this true? Luckily it seems players are just panned Left and Right which makes it a bit easier, but still.

  1. Them There Eyes - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  2. Coquette - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  3. I'm in the Mood for Love - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  4. It Don't Mean a Thing - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  5. Nature Boy - Jimmy (L), Bireli (R)
  6. I can't Give you Anything but Love - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  7. Blues for Ike - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  8. Embraceable You - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  9. Donna Lee - Jimmy (L), Bireli (R)
  10. Valse De Wasso - Angelo??? (L), Jimmy (R)
  11. Troublant Bolero - Angelo (L), Jimmy (M), Bireli (R)
  12. Limehouse Blues - Angelo??? (L), Jimmy (R)
  13. Mystery Pacific - Angelo??? (L), Jimmy (R)
  14. Love's Melody - Jimmy (L), Bireli (R)
  15. Groovin' High - Jimmy (L), Bireli (R)
  16. Micro - Angelo??? (L), Jimmy (R)
  17. September Song - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  18. The Sheik of Araby - Angelo (L), Jimmy (M), Bireli (R)

and the outtakes (The Alternative One and Only Album)

  1. Blue Bossa - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  2. Groovin' High - Jimmy (L), Bireli (R)
  3. Blues for Ike - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  4. Coquette - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  5. Embraceable You - Angelo (L), Jimmy (M), Bireli (R)
  6. Troublant Bolero - Angelo (L), Jimmy (M), Bireli (R)
  7. Donna Lee - Jimmy (L), Bireli (R)
  8. I Can't Give You Anthing but Love - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  9. Wasso's Waltz - Angelo??? (L), Jimmy (R)
  10. Limehouse Blues - Angelo??? (L), Jimmy (R)
  11. September Song - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  12. It don't Mean a Thing - Angelo (L), Jimmy (R)
  13. All of Me - Angelo (L), Jimmy (M), Bireli (R)


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