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  • GerrySaxGerrySax New
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    Hi Jazzaferri, I think I saw late last night in an old post that you were playing a Solstice? Did you switch or was I just dreaming?? (I have mouthpieces on the brain at the moment..)
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    Yes @GerrySax I switched. I was lucky in Tenor and found the right mouthpiece fairly quickly (on number 5). Still searching on alto after 8.

    Brian Powell refaced and slightly worked my Selmer Jazz by opening the tip out as much as he dared without changing it fundamentally. Close but not as flexible as I want.

    Have two PPT's on the way for a tryout
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  • GerrySaxGerrySax New
    Posts: 5
    I've tried a bunch recently and the one that stood out was a Navarro Maestra 6. I can get the soft rich sound I was looking for but it also has plenty of power for some of the stuff I do. (Eg lead in a band of 25 saxes)! Taken me a week so far to to get used to it and I'm not there yet, but I like it a lot. Still haven't tried a Solstice as they're hard to get hold of here.
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