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Sorry if this is a tedious post - I've been trying to restructure my picking around Michaels' book- after working through Frank Gambale, Stephane Wrembel stuff etc. Like the approach but have noticed that my electric playing has gone to the dogs - playing country music al la Brad Paisley, steel guitar and classical - am I just hitting too hard? Reading that projection is everything- seems that's fine on me Gitane but pick up me tele and I sound like Mr Big Hand of Hamfisted city.
Anyone else feel this? I play trad scottish tunes too and everything works fine with acoustic guitar - just when I strap on a solid body it all goes to pot - lose all the tone and dynamics. Am I just putting too much "weight" into everything or should I just put up with it and go from 10 gauge electric to flatwound 13's?


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    Hi Lapstealer,

    I think the problem (I've encountered the same thing) is not so much an issue of hitting too hard, but of not plucking the strings anymore as much as banging on them, which can mess you up especially if you use medium or light picks with electric. I found that when I switched to a hard pick I was still banging on the strings somewhat but lighter and now it sounded better. Of course it isn't as much of an issue with effects boxes like wah-wah and fuzz going since you need to pick harder with those than when you play clean anyway.

    I hope that helps. If it doesn't, take heart in Keith Richards who says "real men play acoustic". :mrgreen:
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    I'd look at separating your playing styles completely - play Manouche with a different pick even so your brain locks into whatever style as you pickup that pick and guitar.

    If you're playing Paisley stuff aren't you hybrid picking? (using pick plus finger(s))
    If not, I'd highly suggest learning it as Paisely is much easier to play with this style... did I just use 'easy' and 'Paisley' in the same sentence? LOL

    Hybrid picking flattens your hand into an entirely different position than Manouche style and I've found no issues jumping between the two - possibly because they are so different from one another?

    If you are still learning Manouche style, floating the hand, wrist angle etc - don't be too hard on yourself, it takes time. You'll eventually click into this new style naturally and won't need to concentrate on where your hand is, how the pick is striking etc, which will in turn not make you over concentrate on your picking hand with the other styles of music you play.

    I went through the same thing for a few months. Concentrating so heavily on my pick hand for Gypsy stuff that I over concentrated on my country/rockabilly picking hand and sounded like a drunk monkey with two left hands full of thumbs. :lol:
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    cheers guys - will take the advice - I do use hybrid picking, also thumbpick and metal fingerpicks - will just try to get different musical heads on - and also try to not clatter too much on the strings!
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    Be very careful with your hand placement, and how much you move your arm when soloing- these can have a very drastic effect on tone . . and create a very unrich sound if you are not paying attention. Check out video of Adrien M, or Rocky Gresset, they both have amazing acoustic sound that is quite rich.
    Cheers, and good luck.
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