2-note per string arpeggio



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    No need to start battles! His picking style is quite different from a lot of other manouche players. I hope you realize that I learned the ins and outs of Stochelo's picking technique not from DVDs but from working with him almost on a daily basis for a big part of many years (both concerts and instructional video recording). But you don't have to believe me, you will see once you're inside RA and have Stochelo himself explain it in several videos.

    BTW, the picking style explained in the Horowitz is equally fine. For instance: even though Diknu Schneeberger plays a lot of Stochelo's licks his picking style IS actually what's described in the text books. You can see the difference for yourself if you first watch A Stochelo video followed by a Diknu video.
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    Ok I'll come back to the topic once I've checked out the material at the academy.
  • I had the joy of a masterclass with SR and have studied In the Style of SR as well. I have observed how he picks depends on how fast he is playing.

    He is such a master is picking is done at a subconcious level. I would imagine that the factors going into the pick stroke are desired attack and tone (again I am confident this would be subconscious whilst performing or jamming) upcoming pick pattern speed and probably a few other things.

    I suggest two things that haver really helped me in converting to rest stroke. One is to study MH's book and practice the options til effortless and two try playing slower phrases all downstrokes, focussing on getting that really relaxed drop even at speed.

    I used to have some wort of weird hybrid style that is now almost effortless downstroke. I used MH as a reference and came up with my own exercises and transitions and watched and more importantly listened to SR adn others play. After a bit I am able to figure out how they are picking the phrases.
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