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  • I use the fleshy part of my thumb for muting at the end of a downstroke on the lower strings if I feel that things are getting a bit clangorous down there.

    I think I amy use the back of my pointer finger a bit from time to time as well. Have to keep an eye open for that.
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
  • SpartanSpartan New
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    Good advice there Jazzaferri on some of your muting ideas. I've been working on the picking exercises from Michael's GP book for a week or so and am starting to get a bit better, though it'll be a long run. The thing that's hard is remembering to rest stroke all the time and not go on to automatic alternate picking mode, as it's so natural to do that.

    Hopefully time will sort that out as i keep doing it. :x Mad face here because of a return to beginner picking level!
  • husyhusy Seattle✭✭✭
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    dennis wrote:
    for guitarsists who are used to playing electric guitar or with their hand anchored to the bridge, it comes as a shocker when you have notes ringing, but it's actually quite desirable in acoustic music... especially from a historic perspective... (do a google search on sympathetic string resonance )

    this is especially desirable on melodic passages that breathe... ie when you're not playing a constant barrage of notes..

    Interesting to read this comment.... My experience has been somewhat the opposite. When I play a "passage that breathes" with proper picking technique (floating wrist, pick at 30-45 degree angle to string, and using rest strokes), I find that the ringing from other strings often contribute pretty loud harmonics that don't sound very musical.

    I was kinda suspecting my Gitane D500 to be the culprit, as my other guitars don't exhibit the same problem (classical played with apoyando technique, and semi hollow).

    Or am I doing something wrong?
  • rottjungrottjung New
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    I bought a semi expensive one (DELL ARTE DG-H2 900€) and a very cheap one (CIGANO DJ-10 200€ 2nd hand) just so i could get an idea of the quality of de DELL ARTE. I'm glad i did it because i can really see, feel and hear where that 700€ is spend on the dell arte. but they bought have this harmonic resonating. my other acoustic guitars also have it so I'm guessing its "unique" to rest stroke.
  • Spartan I spent the first month picking everything I knew downstroke only at whatever glacial pace I could manage keeping my wrist and fingies really relaxed except while performing.

    I think in the long run that really helped me kick the alternate habit. :shock:
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
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