Who plays out?

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hey accordionists,
I come back here every so often and dig through the great posts. (brandoneon has such a knowledge of stuff!) And I wonder how many of you guys on this forum play out? Do you lead groups, or play in groups? I play with my own group The Musette Project, and also have been playing alot with The Hot Club of Philadelphia. How about you guys?
Musette Band


  • Yep, I play French chanson and bal musette, starting to play some Manouche. I have a couple of ensembles that include French soirée concerts and ballo liscio (mainly dance music) out of the Italian tradition. check out websites and if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, come out to a concert. Ci vediamo, Sheri and

    I also transcribe old manuscripts of French, Italian and other songs and dances. I can be a fairly reliable source for music and would like to share repertoire and transcriptions with others who may have sheet music that I am searching for. I use Sibelius and it's been a great way to document the many songs that lack provenance and composers' names or titles.

  • accent_musaccent_mus Philadelphia, PA✭✭ Siwa and Figli Super Cobra 18" Keyboard
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    Very cool stuff Sheri! I am envious of SF's vibrant accordionist scene. Thanks for sharing your stuff. I enjoyed it! I will get in contact with you next time I come out there. Please do the same if you get to the Philadelphia area!
    Musette Band
  • LoritmoLoritmo Pacific NW✭✭✭
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    Still need to get better before I play out, but am having a great time learning.

    Great to hear, Sheri, about your transcribing. I really hate to come across sheet music that doesn't mention the original artist -- that's just not right. I don't have a huge collection, but I have been collecting musette and GJ tunes for awhile. If you're looking for something specific, send me a message.

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