Minor Swing - Grapelli solo tabbed for guitar?

slimbo77slimbo77 New
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Does anyone know if there's a tab of Grapelli's solos for guitar. I once had a transcription for guitar in an old issue of guitar technique magazine (I think?), but it was beyond my ability at the time (might still be :) ), and before I had the GJ bug - so it wound up getting chucked out.

Anyone know where I could find this tab?



  • gypsyjazzergypsyjazzer Brewood, United KingdomNew
    Posts: 67
    Hi Slimbo,

    In 2009 John Wheatcroft, an excellent British guitarist from the Liverpool area produced a full transcription/mp3 of Minor Swing with the complete solos of both Django and Stephane tabbed for guitar.

    I believe the transcription was originally published in the UK guitar magazine Guitar Techniques sometime during early 2010 or possibly late 2009. Unfortunately, Guitar Techniques have what seems to be a very poor and unsearchable website, so it's not possible to identify which edition it was from their website, but it was covered in other topics in this Forum at the time, so if you have a look through some past posts you should be able to find a reference to it somewhere.

    However, if you can't find a copy of the magazine to purchase, and you still want the transcription, John can be contacted directly through his website: and might be able to help. He's very approachable.

  • pinkgarypinkgary ✭✭✭
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    Yeah, i just asked him for it and he sent it to me, he just asked that i leave a comment about it on his site. Fair enough..

    It's a lot of fun...
  • Posts: 18
    A few days ago, I tabbed Grappelli's solo myself, using a transcription I found on the web. If anybody is interested, I could upload scanned images of my arrangement.
  • HotTinRoofHotTinRoof Florida✭✭✭
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    I was just thinking about this same topic during the car ride into work today. :D
  • sketchsketch New
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    if you search guitar pro tabs you should find it :) i clearly remember i found at the beginning this same thing, and it was very accurate...
  • LinkLink New
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    I love the Sébastien Giniaux's playing of the Grappelli solo in this one. It truly kicks, swings and makes me smile just as the original does...

  • ScroogeScrooge AustraliaNew
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    Thank you thank you for introducing me to Sebastien, I've been pretty bored with gypsy jazz players over the last couple of years. It great to come across someone who inspires you afresh.

    I love the way he does both the guitar solo and the violin solo, the best part of those is that he actually gets the 'feel' right: good tempo, right accents, great. The other amazing thing is his own solo (at least I think it his own improv) I love the way he starts with standard inside sounds then gradually gets to the point were his out side sounds are just a tasteful extension of the harmonic structure. That is true musical talent.
    I'll do any thing for 30 cents an hour
  • LinkLink New
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    Oh my absolute pleasure, some players have that 'something' extra going on and surrounding what comes from their fingers if that makes sense. Giniaux has it in spades for my money. Just to rub it in he's also a very tasty cellist to boot.
  • misterdanielbmisterdanielb Paris/NoviSad✭✭ Florian Jegu
    Posts: 44
    Hello All ! here is what you are looking for... i just posted the grappelli solo on minor swing (1937) here

    slow version here

    and you can download the pdf and guitar pro here:
    Enjoy and happy guitar working :)
  • Micky DunneMicky Dunne Liverpool UK✭✭✭✭ Olivier Marin, JWC Modele Orchestre, AJL La Flasque
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