guess what? i've found an accordion

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I don't know anything about this instrument. This one seems to me in a quite good shape considering is 50 years old. It looks beautifull to me, but probably is a simple study accordion. Do you happen to know if a restoration could be very expensive? A friend of mine is an exceptional pianist and wanted to throw himself into this instrument so that we could form a little ensamble witch some friends of ours, but since we are nearly out of money and except of him and the violinyst we others are at a very low level, and considering he should spend some time to get to a decent level with this instrument, we are looking around for the better option.

Could you give us some infos? This accordion is an 80 baseline one. would it be ok for jamming? I'm uploading some photos (i've not suxceeded in finding infos about this instrument, which seams to be a Pesaresi Italia).



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    Looks like a 3 reed block treble, two reed bass instrument . It also looks like it might need some real work judging from the uneveness of the treble side. If youre in the NYC or NYS area let me know and I can steer you to Aldo Mencacci whose been making , importing and repairing accordions for at least 75 of his 90 years...He's up in Albany...

    Bill Brown
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    Here's a good page on secondhand accordions. Look under the Testing topic about halfway down for some things to check out to determine the condition of the instrument:

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