Req: Please ID this Gypsy accordion waltz

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Hi All

I heard the attached clip of a haunting Eastern European/Russian accordion waltz in A minor used as background music for a UK television documentary recently.
It sounds rather like Kroke or Shostakovich (though I don't think it is) & I'd love to find out what it is.

Have tried automatic song recognition software (e.g. Shazam), but the voiceover prevents recognition. I've tried the programmes' websites and emailed the producer, but they haven't responded - apparently it is the BBC's policy not to respond to any queries about incidental music used in their programmes, which is a shame. I've checked some of the major TV production music catalogues (e.g. Audio Network) - and I haven't found it there either, so I'm guessing the piece must be on general release.

It's driving me nuts & I'd be really grateful if you could help identify it for me.

Programme Details:
Horizon: "How Long Is A Piece Of String". Broadcast on BBC2 21:00-22:00 17/11/09
Sound: Mark Hatch/Kenny Ralston. Producer/Director: Rob Liddell. Editor: Andrew Cohen
The music first appears on the programme around 00:20:00 as background to a voiceover.

I've attached an mp3 of the main theme, which sounds a little odd, as I've used audio editing software with a "kareoke" function to filter out as much of the voiceover as possible (couldn't filter out the chicken though!!).

I'm posting it here in the hope that someone somewhere might just recognise it and be able to put me out of my misery!

Many thanks in anticipation

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