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Mischa gypsymyk jensmolander RussellBib

Gitane Serial Numbers...

Does anyone here have knowledge of how to decipher the number on the end block of Gitane guitars?

I recently got hold of a nice D-500 and wondering about it. Year made, and how it compares to others. The sticker says #7101, and the end block has 0701260082.

Just wondering how it compares to others of various years with regards to the neck. This one is setup just perfect for my hands. The action is about 3mm or 3.5 with 11's on it, and plays well. I think it has the standard stock bridge on it, compensation type, and not much routing out of the underside. I guess, the sound could be improved by upgrading the bridge, but honestly, I'm happy with it as it is. The neck feels just right to me, and more shallow than my Gibson J-200, but it's not as thin as my Gibson J-40, which is more electric-like.

The wood is very nicely colored, on top it's got a nice warm aged spruce look, and the rosewood sides and back are very nice, deep dark and rich. There is a slight but evident pliage to the top and back.

Anyway, just wondering if other D-500 owners could lend some insight. Oh, well, going back to playing it. I am more than pleased with it, and that's the most important thing of all.



  • crookedpinkycrookedpinky Glasgow✭✭✭✭ Alex Bishop D Hole, Altamira M,
    Posts: 865
    Hi there, the numbers on mine are - 5428 - label 0603201093 - end block. I too would be interested in comparing numbers. I'm assuming the to 06 refers to 2006 but I could be wrong, just a guess.

    Mine has what appears to be a stock bridge which has had a Bigtone fitted and I've just upgraded the tuners to SAGA deluxe ( sold here in the Djangobooks store ).

    I love my D500, three of us have them in the Hot Club of Glasgow - which is one of the reason I bought mine. They have a great sound and can hold their own amongst others. Some people find the neck a bit to wide and deep but I love it. In terms of action I shimmed up the bridge as i tend to do with all of my guitars and I think it's about 4mm on the bass side and 3mm on the treble side.

    I love the colour, finish, sound and the whole vibe of this beast, I think they are one of the best all round guitars around.

    Hopefully a few more D500 owners will contribute more info and we can start to piece together serial numbers with production dates etc.
    always learning
  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,748
    I've got one too...the end block reads 0011100076-, and the label just says D500 (see photo). I always wondered why that was.

    (I bought it in 2003, if that helps.)
  • Tele295Tele295 San Buenaventura (Latcho Drom), CA✭✭✭ Gitane DG300, D500
    Posts: 629
    David Gartland, the Marketing Director from Saga, told me the first 4 numbers refer to the year and the month

    S/n 0701260082 would indicate the guitar was made in the year 2007 (07), month of January (01)
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  • JazzDawgJazzDawg New
    Posts: 264
    Thanks for the update. Jack's is a strange one, no serial number on the tag? Guess, they were either just waking up or winding down production that day, or maybe just ran out of ink. :wink:
  • harlemjoysharlemjoys Central Jersey✭✭✭
    Posts: 105
    Just found this thread, so for Gitanes guitars the serial number number on the block is different than the number on the left of the label correct? I'm assuming the number on the label is how many have been produced? My DG-255 says "10553", has there really been over 10,000 of these guitars made? If so I had no idea that Gitane produced that many guitars.

    Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  • jakemjakem New
    Posts: 1
    My d 500 (bought second hand) has 047 on the label and 0202 are the first four digits of the serial number. It sounds fabulous, with incredible volume....Ive always assumed that it was an early one..In which case more care was probably takenin its production....
    Someone dropped my CSL in the Mediterranean in the early eighties, ruined it, so I was delighted to come across the D500.
  • Ian RossiterIan Rossiter Fort Vermilion ,Alberta ,CanadaNew
    Posts: 203
    Cool; My 255 was made in March 2007, and my 300 in May 2010.
    Practice ,Practice,EAT PRACTICE- Tommy Tedesco
  • WazzerWazzer New
    Posts: 1

    Hi, just bought mine (2003) today, absolutely love it. Have a 50 year old Kiso Suzuki that I normally play and already the Gitane appears smoother, more base ( it's about 5 mil deeper, all other measurements are within a mil) but has different bracing on the top. Still verifying what strings it has but very, very happy. Has 800 on the left hand side of the label. Cheers.

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