On what leg do you rest your guitar?



  • fraterfrater Prodigy
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    I don't know but you don't wanna mess with a guy who's been wearing a metal thumbpick for almost 70 years! :D
  • fraterfrater Prodigy
    Posts: 763
    Now, about classical posture in Django style... ... re=related
  • Dr. BullDr. Bull New
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    WOW! Thanks Frater!
    frater wrote:
    Now, about classical posture in Django style... ... re=related
  • andmerandmer New York✭✭✭
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    mandocat wrote:
    I am 6' 4" tall and rather long waisted, so it was hard for me to find a comfortable playing position. I tried right leg, left leg, foot stool, etc. I took a class from Stephane Wrembel and he immediately said to put the guitar on the right leg, not on the left. A friend of mine (Paul Gruen) is a very good GJ player and sometimes uses a Dynarette cushion which in formed to support the guitar resting on the right leg and elevates it so that you don't need a foot stool. I got one and it works well for my body type. It removes any tension in the right leg from trying to put the guitar higher. On the down side, it is one more piece of gear to carry around and may get you some funny looks from the other guys in the jam. I think it's a good solution for taller people.

    Play on!

    I'm similarly sized and had issues with comfortable positioning. I was using a strap to overcome it previously, but it still did not feel right sitting down. I picked up a Dynarette after reading your experience, and it is fantastic, feels perfect. thanks!
  • LuckynpLuckynp Manchester, EnglandNew
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    I'm an absolute beginner in GJ, and returned to (classical) guitar after a 30 year layoff just 18 months ago.

    At first I struggled with the left leg elevated on the footstool; it gave me terrible backache. Then I came across the Ergoplay rest, which fits to the guitar via 3 rubber suckers. You can then support the guitar on the left leg with both feet flat on the floor I find it great for classical guitar and I've been using it on the GJ guitar too for the last few days. It seems to work very well

    Does anyone in GJ circles use one of these?
  • I have been paying attention to my leg position more since reading this thread and have become aware that actually a fair bit of the time (maybe 1/3) when picking I play with my legs crossed, and I don't seem to have a preference as I change legs when one gets uncomfortable. I am not sure whether this would be bad for my playing or not. :?
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
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    Tele295 wrote:
    I also find there is better access to the fretboard in this position. I'm even considering digging out my old footstool.

    Does anyone else prefer a classical posture when playing GJ? Are there any drawbacks to the classical position other than the "That's not the way Django did it" school of thought?

    I play all of my guitars in the "classical" manner and use a footstool. I switched years ago cause my wrist got sore quickly. The "classical" position is not only more comfortable, but will lesson the risk of carpal tunnel issues. Easier access to the fretboard, too.

    But then again, "that's not the way Django played". :roll:
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