Where to buy a GJ guitar in So Cal?

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My girlfriend and I are on the hunt for GJ guitars to try out for our new duo. We went to Buffalo Bros in Carlsbad yesterday, and discovered the magic of a Wegen pick (I get it now), but they didn't have much in the way of GJ guitars (only 2 used Dell'Artes, neither were very inspiring). On our way back up the coast today, we thought McCabe's in Santa Monica would be a good bet, but it was a complete strikeout.

I know a place up north that had a magic Gitane DG300 (might need to go back for that one), but I can't guarantee it's still there.

Any recommendations?
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    My first inclination was to say there is no good place to try and buy a variety of gypsy guitars on the whole West coast unless you keep driving North until you get to Michael's Horowitz's in Seattle.

    That's probably dead true although **** may have a few interesting things in shop down in San Diego too. Don't know what he's got but San Diego being a lot closer to you than Seattle you just might check with him first.

    This is something many of us in the US struggle with. If you're shopping for Gitanes you can find those a lot of places. If you want something more serious though Djangobooks is the place.

    Welcome to the world of playing gypsy jazz in America.

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    Thanks Doug. Confound my luck, I just left San Diego this morning!
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  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
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    It's too late now, I know. But for the next time you can check out **** site and inventory here: http://www.****/guitars.php
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