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Cigano GJ-10 truss-rod adjustment problem

The allen wrench cannot seat fully into the nut. A top brace is right up next to it and partially blocking it. Using a mirror, I'd estimate that the upper 25-30% of the truss-rod nut is inaccessible.

Any suggestions? Should I shave down a little of the brace just in front of the nut? Would a ball-end wrench get under there?

I've had no trouble at all adjusting my Gitane DG-300. It was a cinch. This GJ-10 was purchased used and plays and sounds great. However, it has just a little more relief than I like.

Thanks for any help.


  • David F.David F. Vancouver, WA✭✭✭
    Posts: 54
    I'm a bicycle mechanic for work and often have to figure out how to adjust a fastener that's in a partly obscured position. I would try a Bondhus (ball end) wrench. I don't think they make a regular "L" shaped key with a ball on the short end; you may have to do something like turn it with a very short box-end wrench--there are 4mm and 5mm box end wrenches. The ideal might be to get a socket the right size and buy a Bondhus wrench to cut 1" or so off of the end to turn with the socket--you'll have a custom Cigano truss rod tool!
  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    wow, that's weird... my guitar also has a top brace in front of the trussrod access but the brace has a hole in it for the wrench to go through.
    Maybe taking your guitar to a good repair guy is in order?
  • Posts: 16
    Thanks for the input, guys.

    Eventually, I am sure I'll have to address this problem with either a bold frontal assault (me and some shop tools/improvised ball-end wrench) or a trip to the luthier.

    Fortunately, the guitar is just fine as is. But, it would be nice to be able to adjust the neck relief from time to time.
  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
    Posts: 1,252
    Yep, Bondhus - no shop is complete without a set. ... _200351109

    But nonetheless - take it easy on the trussrod. Trussrods are one of those things people view as a panacea to every neck or playability issue and in reality they're really good for only retaining the proper curvature of the fretboard between the ~2nd and 9th frets (approx...) and even then they should really only be used to vary things by a few thousandths of an inch - anything more than that and the issue is elsewhere. They're really given too much credit/blame for what they do and don't do for a neck. Even if you do try adjusting it yourself, have someone who knows a fair bit about necks take a look at it for you to make sure that's what needs adjustment. Most of the time it's just a high fret or low action etc.
    You get one chance to enjoy this day, but if you're doing it right, that's enough.
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