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Andreas Online Guitar School!

AndreasObergAndreasOberg Stockholm,SwedenModerator
edited December 2013 in Gypsy Fire Posts: 522
I'm about to launch a new guitar site/community (January 2009) where people can study guitar with me online. You can download my videos (all levels, many styles) and also upload your own videos and get feedback from me.
Check it out!
All the best
Andreas Guitar Universe [url][/url]

Type: Entertainment & Arts - Online Media

Description: Andreas Oberg Guitar Universe is a new guitar site/community based on new patented technology that enables video exchange lessons with Andreas online.

Andreas and ArtistWorks, (a Napa based company) are business partners and the site will be launched in Jan 09.

ArtistWorks was founded by David and Patricia Butler. David Butler was one of the primary people at AOL, America Online while the company grew from 100 to over 25 000 employes. Andreas Oberg is a well known Swedish guitarist who has performed world wide with artists like Les Paul, Eros Ramazzotti and Barbara Hendricks, just to name a few.

The concept of Andreas' online guitar school is that students will watch pre-recorded lessons, and work on the material Andreas presents. The lessons cover many styles like blues, jazz, rock etc, and there are lessons for beginners all the way up to very advanced players. At various points in the lessons, Andreas invites students to record short videos of themselves playing assignments (using any webcam camera). Andreas will review these student-submitted videos, and provide feedback to the student to help them improve. These exchanges between Andreas and the students are posted for all the students to see. In that way all students will benefit. By working with real students, his guitar method will be further fleshed-out and enhanced, and more and more material will be added to the online guitar school over time.

The guitar method is progressive, and the first block of lessons begins at an extremely basic level (he even explains how to tune a guitar), chords, barre chords, etc. In a second group of lessons he teaches the guitar techniques used in pop, rock, and blues, focusing on pentatonic scales as the foundation of soloing in those types of music. His grasp of the guitar is encyclopedic, to the point where he even gives a couple of lessons on Chet Atkins fingerstyle guitar. A third block of lessons covers basic jazz and jazz guitar technique. Andreas' approach is very focused, and has a personal view on improvisation (combining ear training and theory). Andreas is formally trained at the Swedish Music Academy, and he is comfortable with the academic approach to teaching improvisation. Also, Andreas teaches his students to see the "whole" fret board of the guitar, rather than what he describes as "boxes" (fingerings). You see this when you watch him perform; he plays lines up and down the fretboard in a totally effortless manor. The fourth block continues with advanced jazz guitar concepts, and much more advanced concepts of improvisation and chord extensions. The final block is Gypsy guitar style. Andreas explains how Django Reinhardt's music style developed, and the techniques which underlined his playing.

Other features on the site will have information and entertainment, including interviews, performance footage from Andreas concerts, and more.

With Andreas' nationality and reach, his online school will be an international hub of guitarists, an online brotherhood and sisterhood of guitarists. Andreas enjoys teaching students at all levels, including beginners, and he travels the world constantly. The Andreas Oberg Guitar Universe will host this international guitar community, providing a gathering place and offering community features such as forums, audio and video chat for guitarists all over the world. Andreas is particularly interested in the fact that guitarists will be able to share ideas and exchange music on his site.

The pricing will be very reasonable to make it easy for guitarists all over the world to enroll. Visit [url=][/url] and submit your e-mail for info on launching date and updates!


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