Flat Foot Floogie (with the floy floy (naturally))

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I've been looking high and low in books fake and real for this tune. I've checked all the links i could find, and it's not yet in either of the django wiki books. I'm really looking for some simple chords at this point, I can do most of the basic versions in the gypsy rhythm book. Naturally, the more info i can get about this favorite song o' mine the better.

Supposedly it's in the real books : "The Real Little Ultimate Fake Book-3rd Edition" and "The most amazing colossal ultimate selection"



  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    It's real simple...I believe the A part is just I vi ii V. The bridge is the same as Honeysuckle rose.

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    Wow, thanks for the fast response. Anyways, I've been plugging in the progression into band in a box and i can't get it to sound right. I've been using the key of Fmaj. (I vi ii V-> F Dm Gm C) but I don't know how many measures of each chord and their order (or it just a straightforward I vi ii V order) .

    is it something like:
    |F |Dm| flatfoot floogie with the floy floy
    |F |Gm| flatfoot floogie with the floy floy
    |F |Dm| flatfoot floogie with the floy floy
    |C|C| floy doy floy doy ....

    then bridge(which sounds fine)

    Well hopefully some of my confusion hasn't spread, thanks for the help

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    This is what it sounds like to me, just like MH's ...

    [F] Flatfoot [Dm] floogie with the [Gm] floy [C7] floy

    Chords get two beats each (two chords per measure in 4/4). Basically the Rhythm Changes.

    Fun tune!
    Colin Bailey-Ralph
  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
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    Here's a lead'll have to do some adjusting, though.

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    Way to go, Jack!!!
  • François RAVEZFrançois RAVEZ FranceProdigy
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    Dear Quentinfool,

    E-mail me privately your address. I have an arrangement for piano, violin/accordion, Bb clarinet, Bb trumpet, trombone, guitar and bass.

    Here is the guitar part. Let me know which additionnal parts you need.


    François RAVEZ
    Colin Bailey-Ralph
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