Wegen Button pick?

HereticHeretic In the Pond✭✭✭
Is anybody successfully using a Wegen Button pick for rhythm and lead? How well is it working for you?


  • FopaFopa San FranciscoNew
    Posts: 125
    I bought one of these things last year because I like thick picks. Mind you, I'm a rhythm player, and can't imagine one of these being used for lead. I found it awkward to hold on to when playing fast, though it had an interesting and unique sound all it's own. I prefer the Weagan Fatone, or the 7.
  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    A friend let me try his recently - similar reaction. Not much of a solo pick but it makes rhythm braindead simple - I don't think it would grab the strings if you dipped it in glue. You get that swishy easy rhythm almost without trying. Latin tunes are a breeze. I suppose it could be a real energy saver but I'm actually now quite addicted to the 2.2mm big city picks - rhythm - lead - they do it all. Michael introduced me to them at DFNW and I have playing them ever since. They aren't quite as easy to use for rhythm but they have a particularly nice tone for both rhythm and lead... and heck... I sort of like the fact that they aren't braindead easy to use because it keeps me honest - it keeps my form good - my grip loose - my angle of attack right - my arm movement down - my wrist movement fluid. All in all, playing with good form brings the best sound anyway, and the bigcity does just fine if you keep your form intact.
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  • HereticHeretic In the Pond✭✭✭
    Posts: 230
    Thanks for the 2 replies. I found similar results. It's amazing that every type of pick has some benefit, and unique sound attributes.Yes, the Button gives a geat swishing rhythm. If it's based on Django's pick, it makes me wonder how he got all those different voicing out of it : clear leads, biting rhythm, swishing rhythms, and warm lead lines as well.
    I bow to Django, once again. Back to my AK picks -they just work best for me.My musical partner in crime seems to be doing both rather well, with a Button, on his Dell Arte. Mon Dieu!
  • EmmettRayEmmettRay Honolulu, Hawaii✭✭✭✭ Koa Iseman, AJL XO-503, Holo Busato
    Posts: 89
    The button doesn't have any grooves on it for grip though, unlike the other Wegens. Kinda slippery and small for me. I'm stickin with the old Dunlop 1.14mm as I've never seen an actual gypsy use a Wegen before. I'm sure some do but I think most just use anything they can get their hands on as long as it is rigid. Try them all and use whatever is comfortable for you, everyone is different.
  • spatzospatzo Virtuoso
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    I agree with you but at least 1,5 pick is needed ...
  • pmh425pmh425 Middle Island, NY✭✭✭✭
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    I have been using one recently for both Rhythm and Lead. When I first got it, I had a hard time with it but once I practiced with it a bit, it really started working well. I used a file to add some groves and drilled a couple of holes in it as well to help with the grip.
  • PowerfibersPowerfibers Buffalo, New YorkNew
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    I bought one this week and immediately used it on the gig. Lead was weird yet do-able, but for tunes where I mainly play rhythm, what a joy. I think it was the gig I have had on rhythm by far.
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  • Posts: 1

    I use these all the time seems they have a little grip now and it's a scalloped on both sides for better grip very easy to use for lead ........ I like this pick not because Django used it but because I have big hands and it's easier for me to hold I have both Black and White one..........

  • Carlo GentenaarCarlo Gentenaar The Netherlands✭✭ John Le Voi
    Posts: 77

    Are you sure you're talking about the same pick? I told Michel Wegen in an e-mail last week that I would like it better if the Button had some grooves for grip like his other picks do. His reply was (translated from Dutch): "this pick finds the right position in your hand while playing automatically, you won't need the grip". So I can't imagine he ever made a scalloped Button, right?

  • Carlo GentenaarCarlo Gentenaar The Netherlands✭✭ John Le Voi
    Posts: 77

    I use a modified Button for both rhythm and lead playing. I made a thumb indent on the top side and flattened the back from 3mm in the middle to a little more on de edges. I left the beveled side that hits the strings 5mm. Now it beats every gypsy jazz pick I've tried for lead playing, it even sounds better than my real tortoise picks!

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