Problem with Babik end of first phrase

asd123321asd123321 ✭✭✭✭
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The problem is playing it fast and cleanly at the end where it goes
C A flat A F.
I was wondering what the fingering, fret numbers and picking would be.


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 6,153
    Hi Dave,

    Sorry, I don't know Babik.

    Can some other experienced Gypsy Pickers lend a hand?

  • ClayClay Tulsa, OkNew
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    im not exactly sure what part your talking about , its the melody , right? if im correct the melody is ... C D E F G Ab A Bb Ab A F....C D E F G Ab A Bb A Ab C ... C D E F G Ab A Bb Ab A F.... F Eb C Bb Ab G im not sure where what your talking about fits in. Id like to help though.
  • asd123321asd123321 ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 121
    Those 2 parts that go
    C D E F G Ab A Bb Ab A F....C D E F G Ab A Bb A Ab C
    are the ones I was looking for the best way.
  • dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
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    Babik in 5 easy steps

    1) play C D on the D string : D U

    2) E F G on G string : D U D

    3) G# A Bb G# A on B string : D U D U D

    4) F on G string: D

    5) second time around skip 4) and play C on on B string : downstroke

    the difficulty is getting those double downs and play the phrase in time as it starts on an up beat, and you're starting with a D
  • asd123321asd123321 ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 121
    Thanks. I got the wrong notes from some source.
    Having the last C on the top string seems of interest ending on a downstroke.
  • ivyguitarivyguitar New
    Posts: 12

    Happy Easter 2022!, May I resurrect this great discussion? I'm listening to Django's 1947 recording and it sounds like the head is played on the treble strings starting with the first fret on the b string.

    b string 1 3

    e string 01345645

    b 6


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