schertler DYN-C + AER compact 60

dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
i got a schertler DYN-C for really cheap on ebay.. note ithat it's the DYN-C not the DYN-G... it's meant for cello, but they are both indentical with the exception of a very slightly extended frequency range in the bass.... the guy who sold it to me, owned both and it said the difference is really minimal, just a ever-so slighty fatter sound in the bass

i tried it on my collisn with the aer compact 60, it sounds acceptable to me, i had read reviews where people complained that it sounded bad or mediocre... i don't feel that way, i didn't experiment too much with the placement of the pick up nor did i spend a lot of time with it so far but the sound is good to my ears, i noticed it sounds just a little wee bit honky but nothing bad at all....

i'll post another review if something else comes up... i just wanted to offer a second opinion on the schertler / AER compatibility issue...


  • Charlie AyersCharlie Ayers Salt Lake CityProdigy
    Posts: 287
    Hey Dennis:

    I've just started to experiment with my Dyn-G and AER Compact 60, on my Park, but I too think it sounds quite good. Certainly much more acoustic and natural than the Bigtone I had been using. LA Pat has emailed that he's very happy with the combination as well.

  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator
    Posts: 1,018
    i think the one feature that Schertler holds-out on is the "Resonance" knob on their amps... with the AER you will get just as good sound but you wont have the "resonance" knob which is a quite interesting effect... the Schertler pre-amp also has this effect on it... you can dial your guitar all the way from completely compressed to having a lot of "resonance/sustain" to it...
  • TenorClefTenorClef UKNew
    Posts: 150
    I'm also using a Schertler Dyn-G and the AER Alpha and the sound is pretty good however i struggle to get the volume and master controls much beyond 1/4 way without the headaches of feedback.

    Any one else experience this problem, know how to correct it?
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