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Hi guys
This is my first post to the forum so I guess that I should say how great I think is and how much it has helped me personally in learning this style of music. Cheers!
I'm a music student based in Birmingham, UK, and for my final year performance I opted to do gypsy jazz- for the recital I transcribed some stuff including Ol' Man River as done by the rosenberg trio on their documentary that accompanies the live at Samois DVD. The performance is available on YouTube if you search ol man river i think. Also, its a transcritption of the full arrangement with most of the bassline and the rhythm guitar part that nou'sche plays. It's as close as I could get it but if anyone spots mistakes please let me know.
Also a complete version of 'You Rascal You' as played by Django. I'm sure many of you know the partly transcribed version from the Stan Ayeroff transcription book- well mine is the full thing, start to finish with tab as well for those of you who aren't so hot on standard notation, myself included.
I partly transcribed summertime by the rosenbergs from the same documentary and also a few choruses of Coquette from the Jimmy Rosenberg with Debarre and Lagrene album, so I'll hopefully get time to finish these before I post them.




  • ShawnShawn Boise, Idaho✭✭✭✭
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    Thanks xav,

    I really enjoyed the "You Rascal You" transcription, but for some reason I can't open the "Ol' Man River" transcription. If you ever want to do any other transcriptions there are a few I would love to have :lol:
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