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tommasotommaso ROMA-ITALYNew
edited October 2008 in Recording Posts: 149
Hi friends,
I use WINAMP+PACEMAKER (it is a Winamp plugin) and I find them very useful to slowdown music for learning and transcribing purposes.There are also other nice features.They are free and easy to use.
Go here to download WINAMP and PACEMAKER:

Tommaso :wink:
Grazie Django!


  • La GitaneLa Gitane Llanelli, UK✭✭✭
    Posts: 48

    I find "Transcribe!" from Seventh String software invaluable.

    It allows you to slow down tracks to up to 15% without changing pitch; has powerful phase cancellation and EQ filters which let you remove the other instruments so that you can clearly hear the guitar lines; and an audio spectrum analyser which gives best guesses for chord names and voicings.

    The latest version also supports video clips, and plays them in sync with the slowed down audio. This is a very useful feature, and I don't know of any other transcription software on the market that can do this.

    The author of the software is a talented musician and transcriber, and hosts a discussion forum for the software. He gives excellent technical support, and is keen to incorporate any modifications or new suggestions proposed by the group.

    There is a 30 day free evaluation version downloadable from the website at:

    The full version only costs about £30 ($50) and has been well worth every penny, as it has allowed me to finally transcribe licks that have been bugging me for years !!

    Best wishes

    P.S. This is a personal endorsement - I have no commercial affiliations with Seventh String software!
  • symboliquesymbolique wellington, new zealandNew
    Posts: 20
    Definitely Transcribe is the best application out there for slowdown, and La Gitane, didn't you mean slow Down to 15% and not Up? :) You can get down to 5% speed as well though I'm not too sure how well pitch stacks up in such a situation, maybe good for those 300bpm tracks.

    The Pacemaker looks interesting but it requires that bloaty program called Winamp!
  • emicademicad Rome - ItalyModerator
    Posts: 472
    amazing slow downer
    it's... amazing! :lol:
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