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    I followed Ken Bloom's advice and after doing research, purchased thru CD Universe, the CD:Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol. 1 ION PETRE STOICAN Romania. Most of the tunes are arranged by Toni Iordache who has the center position in the band photo and for good reason, as he is the best musician in the orchestra. The leader (violin player Stoican) nabbed a suspicious character in 1965 who the police in Romania had been looking for and as a reward offered him a house. He declined and said, "I want to make a record. He made a 4 track record in 1966 and then again in 1977, after moving back to Bucharest, asked the officials again to make a full record. They agreed and he got the help of well known trumpet player Costel Vasilescu to help him put together the most adventurous musicians and all-star band he could find. He got accordian player Ionica Minune (T. Schmitt/Alors?.....Voila?) and Iordache who did the arranging on most of these traditional Romanian wedding songs from the era. This band has many of the Lautari families musicians, who had the hold on the wedding gigs in Bucharest, and this is the last time they all got together. This orchestra has 14 musicians, when most of the wedding bands of the time had 5 or 6 members. Most of these songs are from Costanta and Stoican's birthplace Oltenita and are primarily fast rhythmic dances. One of the violin players looks so much like Florin Niculescu, that it is probably his father.
    .....It's a gem of a recording and features the cymbalom god Toni Iordache taking incredible syncopated solos.
    .....You may recall that when the Soviet Union broke apart in '90 or '91 that Romanian President Ceaucescu and his wife where chased down in the garden of their palace and shot by locals.
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    Thanks for the information!

    Anyways, I had another lesson with Lache, and he mentioned that the Ferre brothers play an older "cimbalom" style. Can anyone help me out with what the fundamental differences between the old and new styles of cimbalom playing?
  • BarengeroBarengero Auda CityProdigy
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    clausci wrote:
    Can i have much information about the Mirando family?
    they have recorded something ?

    Hi Clausci,

    read this:


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    Wow I know this is a really old post but the Matelo Ferret
    Tziganskaia and Other Rare Recordings 1960-1978 CD is brilliant.

    Thanks so much for for the info.
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    I like a lot Tchavolo's Secen Gypsy Nights which features Giani Lincan, with a very modern sound, one of the greatest cimbalom players in classic and in jazz manouche.

    Heres the cd: ... ights.html
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