National M-14T for sale

I’m looking to sell this resonator in the efforts of funding another instrument.

if you know resonators, you know nationals. This things the canon of volume you’d expect, I’ve primarily used this for gypsy jazz and swing gigs, and I think it’s a exceptionally suited to that in terms of resonators I’ve owned and played. It’s got an especially warm tone as far as resonators go, and super comfy action and playability. I’m sure with slightly adjusted action it would also sound great for slide.

it was made to order for myself in 2020 with the addition of all “antiqued” brass hardware that has, in my opinion, some pretty aesthetically pleasing pick wear. In terms of wear, it does have a few scratches and dings as it was a well gigged instrument, but flawless structurally, no cracks, rattles or issues.

I also have an extra ornate cover plate that was hand made by Steel and Gravel that goes for $455 which I will include along with the original cover plate.

I have it on reverb but as always would prefer to settle privately at better pricing and of course prefer someone in this community to enjoy it!

looking for $3,100 plus shipping.

you can find me on instagram @King_cardboard for plenty of sound samples


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