Samois 2005 info

ClayClay Tulsa, OkNew
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Does anyone have any info? im tying to plan on my trip but i have no clue what the actual dates are for the festival. Also is there any idea of the lineup? This will be my first year so ill have to work out transportation and such , i saw the samois tips post and that was a huge help. i mainly need the dates for the festival. Thanks.


  • chopstickchopstick ParisNew
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    i was told that the festival is on the last weekend in june. i'm not sure of this but thats what i'm shooting for. Any one else know?
  • TonecasterTonecaster Waterford, MichiganNew
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  • Archtop EddyArchtop Eddy Manitou Springs, ColoradoModerator
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    If you haven't checked lately, the Samois site Russ mentioned now has the listing of the artists who will be playing this year. Be sure to check it out.

    It's good to see the Garcia family on the bill.

    The most exciting artists for me, however, is not a Gypsy jazz player or even a guitarist. It's Archie Shepp -- the great sax player. I'm sorry I'm not headed to Samois this year. I've been listening to Mr. Shepp for more than 30 years, and he still wells me up with emotions when I hear him play. I hope someone videotapes it...

  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
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    Speaking of Videotaping and the Garcia family. I was wondering if anyone was going for sure and was going to video tape. I was hoping I could get someone to video tape Ninine's set for me in it's entirety. I am really most concerned with that (not that the rest of the performance won't be great) If other stuff is on there I wouldn't complain obviously. If someone is interested in doing that for me I will compensate in some way; trade, pay for shipping and copying, first born whatever! Being that it is looking like another year will have to go by before I can get to Paris or Samois video is the next best thing. Anyone interested can send me a PM or an E-mail. Speaking of PM's Nick did you get mine?

    Thanks guys in advance
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