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Fret sizes most popular

Hi, I'm new here as far as posting subjects and though I could get an opinion or two on the preferred size frets for a Petite Bouche Selmer copy that I'm building. I have either "medium/medium or medium high" sizes in stock. The first is 0.039" tall/0.084" wide and the second is 0.048" high and 0.092" wide. I've always used the"medium/medium" for all the acoustic guitars I've built in the past, but I'm kind of new to the Gypsy Jazz style. Does anyone have a preference for this model guitar?


  • GouchGouch FennarioNew ALD Originale D, Zentech Proto, ‘50 D28
    Posts: 100

    Either would work fine. Taller IMO is better bc you can sand in a little relief if needed and can do a couple of dressings down the road without pulling frets.

  • Posts: 41

    I generally use medium medium, I built two gypsy guitars with that and have had pretty good reviews with that.

    I think they say that Medium High is Dan Erlewine's fav fret wire, but Dan mostly works in repairs and medium/high gives you more meat to fix wonky boards (I kinda think that's why he uses it but I have never asked him).

    If your fretting is solid I think medium medium is a pretty good choice.

    I have no idea what the original guitars had. I pulled the frets out of a Dimauro factory guitar and I think they were small/crappy

    You could probably make all options work. I'm sure someone likes high frets for bending but it doesn't seem essential for me.

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