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I copy the page i wrote here: ... interstein

an hommage to my favourite swing violinist:



SHORT BIOGRAPHY : From the album: "Maro Djipen"

Titi Winterstein,born in 1956 in Breisgau(Germany)is a descendant of a gypsy family.He's father Tokeli endured the horror of a concentration camp toghether with his brother.Unfortunately,these two were slaughtered by the racist forces of the Nazi regime. Titi's father was 18 years old when he was freed from the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Bauchenwald. Titi grew up in a place called Fort Hartenberg close to Mainz. His father show him the rudiments of the violin when he was 8 years old. Shortly before his 9th birthday ,Titi appeared for the first time on a stage at a party that marked the end of a gypsy pilgrimage at Illingen,Saarland.Four years later,age 12,he performed the same place and under similar circumstances.He both surprized and amaze everybody by playng swing music by Schnuckenack Reinhardt and ended up stealing the show.In 1972 the guitarist Hans'che Weiss found a quintett asking the young Titi to join it. In 1973,he recorded his first lp :"Musik Deutcher Zigeuner".

You can found other info about Titi and his works here: (if the link doesn't works directly try to do copy and paste on your internet browser)


With the Hans'che Weiss Quintet (Hans'che Weiss:guitar lead,Holzmanno & Ziroli Winterstein:rhythm guitars,Hojok Merstein:contrabass...the guitarist Holzmanno Winterstein was after replaced with Lulu Reinhardt.)

- 1973 : Musik deutscher Zigeuner 5

- 1974 : Musik deutscher Zigeuner 6

- 1974 : Dja Maro Drom

- 1975 : Das Häns'che Weiss Quintett

- 1977 : Fünf Jahre Musik deutscher Zigeuner,this last album won an important prize in Germany: the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis. After this Hans'che Weiss quit the group.

In the 14 May 1978 at the "Festival der Jugend" in Dortmund born the Titi Winterstein Quintett,Titi was 21 and the group was formed by the same people except Hans'che Weiss who was replace by another excelent solo guitarist : Lulu Reinhardt.The quintett was also joined by the pianist Silvano Lagrene.

- 1978 : Saitenstraßen featuring Lee Reed on Harmonica - 1980 : I Raisa with Thomas Fichter on contrabass replaincing Hojok Merstein (he was sick) and with the partecipation of Bimbam Merstein (Hojok sister) singing,Enzo Biordi at the accordion and Holzmanno Winterstein

- 1985 : Dijnee to kowa ziro with Geisela Reinhardt (Lulu's young brother)on rhythm guitar, Klaus Bruder on accordion and Peter Gropp on contrabass,and with the partecipation of Holzmanno Winterstein.

- 1987 : Live mit Vanessa & Sorba same formation of the last with the partecipation of two polish singers:Vanessa Merstein and Sorba Kwiatkowski.

- 1994 : Maro Djipen Holzmanno Winterstein on rhythm guitar and Banscheli Lehmann on contrabass,with the return of Silvano Lagrene on piano.

- 1999 : Starportrait (compilation)


- 1972 : The birth of the Hans'che Weiss Quintett

- 1978 : In the same year in wich born the Titi Winterstein Quintett, a short documentary was filmed(45 min)for the television telling the lifes of the musicians and them families.

- 1979 : A second documentary filmed at the Festival de Darmstadt wich present the quintett.

- 1988 : The group appear in the tv serial "Tatort",in an episode called "Armer Nanosh !"

- 1989 : The quintett play at the "World Festival 89" in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

- 1993 : Titi plays with the great violinist Yehudi Menhuin in a festival called "All the world violins" in Brussels . He was also invited to join a documentary on the life of gypsy and jewish people.

you can find this same infos about Titi in french at this link ... rticle=222

on this site you can find also biography of the musicians who played and play now with him,comments and extract of the records.

The style of Titi Winterstein is unique,he can play with an incredible energy and rhythm,as well as he can play the more sweet and "pianissimo" notes.He have a melodic sense of improvisation and a touch that make him to be not a "simple" virtuoso,but something more.

and on this forum i can also xprime my:


Listening to his record and analizing the time in the cronology of them,
i note that the ones with Hans'che Weiss Quintett are very close one to another.In these albums,Titi have an amazing and virtuoso playng(ha was just 17)in wich he express energy and tecnique.
The natural evolution of the "enfant prodige" often bring this one to a poor
musical maturity and a perfection of tecnique. Is not the case of Titi and we can verify it in the albums with his own quintett in wich he show to be a great musician,growed up with the faculties of a virtuoso but without showing it more of the necessary,putting attencion on his arrangements and his own compositions as well as on the improvisations.
Ending i invite you all (in the case you haven't already done)to listen to this great musician!


  • emicademicad Rome - ItalyModerator
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    Nice work Claud! :wink:
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    Nice....why don't you add that to the encyclopedia:


  • clausciclausci RomaNew
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    Thanx,done,i've put it on.
    is there a way to attach the image that i have in my pc like here on the wiki?
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    Yes....when you're editing the post on wiki just press the image button. It will create this code:

    Add your file name and then upload the image here: ... ial:Upload
  • clausciclausci RomaNew
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    ok thanks
  • Charlie AyersCharlie Ayers Salt Lake CityProdigy
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    Does anyone know if he is musically active, now? He certainly hasn't recorded for a while, I guess......

  • clausciclausci RomaNew
    Posts: 82
    Does anyone know if he is musically active, now? He certainly hasn't recorded for a while, I guess......


    Hi Charlie,yes he's active he should play here in Italy soon :
  • emicademicad Rome - ItalyModerator
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    He wasn't there...
  • clausciclausci RomaNew
    Posts: 82
    Sadly I have heard just today about his desappear, something like two weeks ago.

    Titi Winterstein (1956-2008) is dead in 14 juin 2008.

    A really great violinist , this is a big loss for the music.
  • PhilPhil Portland, ORModerator Anastasio
    Posts: 773
    Please can you tell me who the lead guitarist is on this CD?

    "Dijnee to kowa ziro "

    thank you

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