Antoine Dimauro Round Hole For Sale - Price drop drop drop DROP $1750 + S&H

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This is the guitar that was previously advertised with a nasty neck break. It's repaired now and it should be good to go going forward (obviously, it could break again, like any guitar neck, but I don't think it's weaker than it was when it was new). In the meantime I've also radiused the fingerboard (it was dead flat) and refretted it.

It plays great now. Goes great with pork pie hats and suits.

I wrote a (very) detailed write-up on but would much prefer selling it outright to someone and not losing all the fees.

Here's the ad (it has more than I'm writing here):

$1750+100 S&H anywhere in the continental US. Price is based on what it seems like Dimauro instruments go for minus the neck break.

Here are some videos of young Sam Farthing going to town on this guitar. What an amazing player, just unreal.

original ad showing the headstock break:



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    That’s quite a splice job!

    It doesn’t make any real structural or sonic difference but it’s interesting so see the “string scoops” routed (or filed) into the *back* of the headstock. Routing string scoops on the headstock face is typically done with a second router template (or could be files) but why would anyone do that on the back of the headstock? Maybe this was an apprentice instrument? Top binding and rosette look great though (are those original?)

    No binding on the back…every luthier that images an internal repair in the thing sees that and says yeah!

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    Good question. No idea. This all looks like handwork. It's a nicely made instrument in general though.

    As far as I can tell it's in more or less original condition, other than the bridge, the neck repair and me radiusing the fingerboard and the refret. It had the original frets when I got it. The neck has never been out of the guitar. Bridge height is decent.

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    Price drop $3250 + $100 S&H

    This guitar is toooooo cool....

    Don't miss out on the young phenom Sam Farthing tearing this guitar a new one

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    Ok another price drop.

    $3000 for a nice old French Guitar that plays great. Hard to beat....

    I'm drowning in guitars. Throw me a rope here :)

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    $2750 + S&H

    Cool guitar which is old and french.

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    Dang. Another price drop. $2250 for this great sounding French guitar with a cool look. Plays great and sounds great.

    Check out Sam Farthing killing it on this very guitar.

    this old French guitar is both old, and French.

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    dang it. $2000+S&H

  • RipRip olympia, washingtonNew
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    what's your main guitar now?

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    I have two Selmer style guitars I made, my friend just took one, so, now I have one. I like it a lot. I will be making more in the spring.

    The one I'm keeping is on the right, the one my friend took is on the left.

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