FS: Dell Arte Hommage a Favino - D Hole - 2004 / New Price

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Bump and a new price - Now Asking $1,475 - Shipped to the lower 48.

I'm parting with a lovely example of Dell Arte's Favino Hommage model made by John Kinnaird. It plays beautifully with an easy action (almost too easy - i've shimmed it up a little for winter). Even with this player friendly set up it gets a nice big sound with those Favino qualities this model was known for. 

I got this off a player from the Boston area who gigged it quite a bit. It did take on a top crack at one point while on the job for him out there. This was cleated by luthier Dan Hunt, who also added the pickguard and fashioned an excellent custom bridge. You can note the repair in the thin line that runs down from the treble-side moustache. The repair holds absolutely nothing back in regards to tone/playability or structure. It was fine for the prior owner, hasn't moved in the 2+ years I've owned and played it. It's there, that's all. Never bothered me. 

Standard Specs for this model: Spruce Top, Laminated Rosewood/Sides, 3 Piece Maple Neck, Favino Body Dimensions. 3 on a plate Schallers. DR Tailpiece. Strap button on the neck heel. Dot on the 9th Fret, if it matters. Includes original fiberglass case. I will also include the original Big Tone Bridge that came on this one. Could be easily put back on so you can just plug in and go. Then you'll have your luthier made, easy playing, get out and gig guitar...

Listed locally as well. Feel free to PM with questions. If there is interest from multiple people, then first come first served!

Now Asking $1,475 - Shipped to the lower 48.



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    This one is still up for grabs. I've got some non-music related expenses I've got to raise funds for and will be listing an '03 Eimers shortly as well.

    PM if you are interested and I can direct you to some existing sound files or throw together some new ones together on this guitar. Also I can supply more pics too.

    I see Djangology is also selling a D Hole Hommage with a Cedar Top right now. Whether you'd like to go after his or mine with the Spruce, I think these are great options at these price points. I don't know where else you can get a luthier made Favino copy well under 2k...

    ............New Price for mine -- $1,475 Paypal Gift shipped to the lower 48

    Thanks for looking!


  • db5db5 New
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    thanks -


  • ssam31877ssam31877 New
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    Is this still for sale?

  • db5db5 New
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    Hi there -

    I think I have a local sale in the works...I'll drop you a PM if that should change.

    thanks for reaching out -


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