Sort of OT...My New Tune "101"

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Hey Guys,

I just put out a new tune "101" to Contemporary Groove Jazz Radio yesterday.

It is already one of the most added songs in US based on three of the most important charts (one Billboard) and "Youtube Music" has picked it up as a featured cut (never got that before).

It is certainly not Gypsy Jazz and I would think a lot of players here won't care for it but I am posting it for two reasons.

  1. I have friends and people I have corresponded with here who might be interested (or not).
  2. I could have not played the solo areas w/o becoming immersed in Gypsy Jazz. Neil Andersson (Pearl Django Fame) heard the cut and said it sounded like I was channeling Bireli (was surprised by that but it is interesting how people often hear things you don't). To those well versed in GJ you will hear the references. For fun if you feel like wasting some time see if you can find the Honey Suckle Rose quote camouflaged somewhere in the song. The solo areas are pretty well split up with Smooth jazz guitar ideas and Django styled ideas.

I came into Gypsy Jazz as a groove jazz player but was so taken by GJ I got away from my roots, it is interesting to see, though I have lots to still figure out in GJ how it has now seamlessly fit into my other playing...I guess I have been absorbed....:)

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