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Anybody living with dupuytrens contracture

TwangTwang New
in Welcome Posts: 394

I'm pretty sure I have Dupuytrens contracture in my left hand. The tendon running to my middle finger is visibly raised running to a small lump. Started to notice it a couple of years ago. Basically, your fingers eventually start to curl in and you loose the ability to stretch and straighten them. I don't have any mobility issues yet but reading about it on the internet is alarming. I'm starting to develop a dull ache in the palm of my hand. Seems a lot of musicians end up not being able to play at all. Anybody have any experiences of this?


  • pdgpdg ✭✭
    Posts: 315

    You should go to a doctor who's a hand specialist (they seem to come from various medical specializations). You may be right, but self-diagnosis can be a problem sometimes.

    Once, I had a nodule giving me a sort of "trigger finger." I went to a hand specialist, and after two steroid injections it went away.

    I wouldn't play much longer without seeing a doctor, just in case playing might make it worse.

  • TwangTwang New
    edited July 24 Posts: 394

    Yeah Ive put it off for over two years cos it hasn’t given me any problems but I’ll do something about it now. Your experience is encouraging thanks. Difficult not to play as its my profession.

  • steffosteffo New
    edited July 25 Posts: 21

    If it's morbus Dupuytren then playing won't do any harm, I think.

    But with time certain things might get more difficult on guitar, EG certain chords.

    I had surgery performed on both hands (not at the same time). I'm glad I had a good doctor.

  • cjlcjl
    Posts: 45

    You might find it's hereditary, my dad had it but he could never be bothered to get it fixed (despite us all telling him to), his hand was really curled up and he couldn't straighten it out at all in his last few years.

    My brother has got it as well, and mine has just started in the last year or so (it's on my right palm, so perfect for that right hand position!) ... apparently they won't fix it (it's a simple operation) until it really impedes movement but I can see mine very clearly now so I should probably start asking about it anyway ... good luck with yours!

    Bill Da Costa WilliamsTwang
  • TwangTwang New
    Posts: 394

    I’ve seen a doctor and she confirmed it’s Dupuytrens. She doesn’t want to do anything either until it gets bad. On a positive note, she thinks that playing guitar may help slow down the deterioration and certainly was not recommending that I play less.

  • AvalonAvalon New
    edited August 6 Posts: 7

    Hi Twang

    I have it in my left hand. There are two principle ways of treating it: 1. Cut the connective tissues band or 2. Break the connective tissue band after an injection of a lysing agent. In am going to see a hand specialist within a few months. I do not anticipate it altering my musical path at all.

  • TwangTwang New
    Posts: 394

    @Avalon I really hope everything goes okay with the procedure. Let us know how you get on.

    Judging from the responses in this thread, this condition seems to be fairly common. I dunno.

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