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Any GJ players in the Houston area?

lukejazzlukejazz Natchitoches, Louisiana✭✭✭ Dunn Belleville
edited July 10 in Welcome Posts: 26

Hello all - I'm looking for GJ players in the Houston area. I don't live there but my sister does. It would be cool if I could get together with another player in that area when I go to visit her. I've been playing guitar most of my life (I'm 65) and have done university level teaching and professional performing. I've been fooling around with GJ since about 2000 but have recently decided to get serious about it and am currently doing full immersion - not playing any other styles or instruments, and listening almost solely to GJ since January (2022).

In any case I'm looking to meet new players in the style as I'm tapped out of resources where I am (a tiny town in Louisiana).

I've started working with Denis Chang's "Gypsy Jazz for Beginners" course in January and it has helped me a lot in the way I think of the style. Here is a little video I put together playing through one of his lessons (Coquette)

I'm currently working more on transcribing Django solos. I feel my more frustrating challenges right now is working my playing up to a professional speed,

I've been doing a small amount of gigging in the style when I can with an ex-student of mine in Baton Rouge who has turned into a great player.

Cheers all and please let me know of any contacts in the Houston area.




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