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Players that use Favino style guitars?

Any professional players out there known for using Favino as opposed to Selmer styler guitars?


  • adrianadrian AmsterdamVirtuoso
    Posts: 507
  • richter4208richter4208 ✭✭✭
    Posts: 466

    Well there's Adrien Moignard who used one for years up until recently. He always sounded good with that guitar, hopefully he didn't get rid of it.

    Bill Da Costa Williamsdellartehommage2005
  • nomadgtrnomadgtr Colorado Bumgarner, Marin, Holo, Barault
    Posts: 119

    Gwen Cahue has been playing a 70s Favino almost exclusively for the past several years.

  • VebjørnVebjørn Western NorwayNew AJL 503 XO, JWC Modele Jazz
    Posts: 13

    Andreas Öberg played with a Favino sized AJL Gypsy Fire for years.

  • crookedpinkycrookedpinky Glasgow✭✭✭✭ Alex Bishop D Hole, Altamira M,
    Posts: 869

    Colin Cosimini, a UK player, played an old Favino. It was, if I remember correctly, a maple bodied oval hole. I thought it sounded pretty bad.

    always learning
  • StringswingerStringswinger Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭ 1993 Dupont MD-20, Shelley Park Encore
    Posts: 463

    Robin Nolan played a Favino for years And his Favino was purchased from Stochelo Rosenberg). Doug Martin plays a Favino ( that he bought from me. I have played Favinos from time to time). Michael Horowitz played a Favino for quite a few years. Jimmy Rosenberg played a Dell Arte Favino model in the past.

    "When the chord changes, you should change" Joe Pass
  • Posts: 17

    Doesn't Doug Martin use the modern JP Favinos like the Jazz S Michael has for sale? Only asking because iirc, the dimensions are closer to Selmar-style vs. the larger Jacques Favinos.

  • StringswingerStringswinger Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭ 1993 Dupont MD-20, Shelley Park Encore
    Posts: 463


    "When the chord changes, you should change" Joe Pass
  • dellartehommage2005dellartehommage2005 Northwest NJNew
    edited July 13 Posts: 13

    Thanks so much for everyone's replies! I just bought my first gypsy guitar, a 2005 Dell'Arte Hommage D-Hole, and I think it sounds great. Honestly, I cannot tell any difference between a Selmer and Favino style. However, I have only heard a Selmer online so maybe the sound difference would be more obvious in person.

    I have heard that modern players are not using the Favino style as often. Why is that?

  • scotscot Virtuoso
    Posts: 609

    Anecdotal knowledge says that the original larger size and slightly different shape of the Jacques Favino guitar came from a suggestion by Matelot Ferret in the early 60s - he wanted more bass than a Selmer gives, or maybe more versatility. And he did usually play a Favino for the rest of his life. His brothers generally (but not always) played Selmers, his sons often played Favinos.

    A good Favino is capable of a multitude of sounds, making it a very good guitar for a musician like Matelot Ferret, a professional guitarist who played every kind of music. The best example I can think of of the Favino sound is on Matelot's legendary recording "Tziganskaia" - Matelot with his typical clear and dark sound, and Boulou with his brash and staccato approach.

    Why are Favinos less popular today? Musicians have a lot more options, I guess. Styles change, and with that comes a need for a different sounding guitar

    billyshakesmac63000KlausUSBill Da Costa Williams
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