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For those who haven’t seen the full talk of wynton a Harvard, I highly recommend it. Very insightful with regards to American music and music in general.

here’s the playlist



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    Wynton is an amazing thinker. I have his music lectures for kids on VHS, then I got the same thing on DVD, from years ago. It's as thoughtful for adults as is for kids.

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    Awesome, I’m sure the one for kids is just as good. It was a nice reminder for me to hear him tell the story about his teacher, who said to him, “your playing all the right notes over all the harmonies, but your not saying anything “. Django was always saying something and as much as I love players like stochelo, I can’t listen to them for very long, because they’re not saying a lot. Django, however, it’s like reading a novel about colorful landscapes and the human experience. This got me back on track of why I was drawn to this music in the first place. Sure, I always loved the technique, but is was something much more mysterious and magical. He shows us how music is the language of the invisible.

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    Was the series for kids "Marsalis on Music"? I too have that on VHS - but no VHS player, although I have sourced a VHS to DVD burner player that I think still works, so hopefully can make a copy one day (if the VHS hasn't rotted away). Wynton Marsalis is always good at this stuff, and the posted series is excellent.


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    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    Thanks for posting! Wynton is a musical treasure & its always a delight to hear him talk even though I disagree with him a lot. Quick story: Back in the late 1980s, I asked him at a talk what he thought about his brother recording & touring with Sting? He came out & said it: Branford was “prostituting his talent.” Wynton seems to have grown less conservative in his tastes over the decades. “Jazz” seems to have dropped out of his vocabulary considerably, displaced by a bigger tent — “American music.”

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    I haven't figured out how to post to individual comments, but to djazzy -that's to bad that wynton was unable to see the benefit of mixing styles and collaborating. I guess even a master can have a blind spot. It seems like the task with listening to wynton is to filter out the gold and set aside the rest. Thanks for sharing ✌️Rip

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    @delb0y of course it's on YouTube

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    Thanks, I'll check this out.

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    Speaking of Branford—- he made a beautiful album back in the 80’s called “Romances for Saxophone”.

    It’s not jazz, but if you are a fan of impressionist composers like Debussy, Ravel, etc, then hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do… it’s now free on YouTube

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    Going on with this thread:

    Here are some links to the master of bebop (Barry Harris) teaching:

    Also a very deep thinker - who rather doesn't lack opinion! I had the great pleasure of studying in his classes here in NYC for some years. Just an amazing human, musician and educator. He always said to us here in NYC these are tools, when its time to play, you just play, but you are supposed to know everything first! lol.



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