Gypsy Jazz in San Francisco Bay Area

Hi folks. My name is Russell. I'm new to the forum. I'm a mandolin player who has been playing regular Gypsy Jazz gigs in the Asheville, North Carolina area for the last few years. I'm moving to the Oakland, CA next week. Once I'm settled there I would love to find some folks to jam and gig with. Send me a note if you're interested, or if you know of regular jams that happen in the area.



  • MikeKMikeK Asheville, NCNew Altamira M-10, Epiphone Zephyr Regent
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    Calling all Bay Area gypsies--I can give Russell a ringing endorsement. I've played many fun gigs with him over the last several years in Asheville. He's a good player and good guy. Asheville's loss is Oakland's gain!

  • ChristopheCaringtonChristopheCarington San Francisco, CA USANew Dupont MD50, Stringphonic Favino, Altamira Chorus
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    Hey Russell - welcome to forum.

    I can't speak too much about the scene in the East Bay, but there's quite a few hot jazz players in San Francisco. I would start by checking out Vic (@V-dub) Wong's jam at the Liberties every Wednesday 5-7. It's the only Bay Area jam that I know of that is still running currently. A lot of local guys come through, new "house band" every week - it's the hang.

    There's also a lot of Trad Jazz & Gypsy mixing here that you can also find about in San Francisco. Places like The Rite Spot, Curio, Club Deluxe, Mr. Tipples, The Liberties, The Page, Zeitgeist, etc. If you're not able to make the Wednesday jam, you can usually spot some locals playing at these places.

  • Thanks, Christophe!

  • GouchGouch FennarioNew ALD Originale D, Zentech Proto, ‘50 D28
    Posts: 112

    Not a jam but if you’re in SF it’s well worth it to go see Paul and his group

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