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Making your own Galalith picks

So I've been making my own picks, and have had a hard time finding any chatter about other people doing the same. I recommend it, it's easy, and incredibly gratifying to be playing with something you've shaped yourself. And it allows you to slowly evolve your pick into something you love, and keep evolving. And they're beautiful! I've already learned more about what I like than I would have just buying picks, and I've only made about 5 so far.

But I'm new to this. If anyone else has any techniques, let me know.

I bought a sheet of Galalith (which is that stuff made from milk and formaldehyde). I take a different pick, make a shape around it with a pencil. (Galalith is my favorite material. I don't know any tortoises who are willing to lend me some of their shell).

Then I use a jeweller's saw to cut the shape out. Kind of a pain because it's so easy to break those blades, but I'm not going to buy some kind of bench tool for this.

Then I just use a file and sand-paper to get the initial shape.

This is the trickiest part, and the part where the voodoo comes in... the bevel. For the rounded edge I just sort of hold some sandpaper in my hand in a C shape and rub the edge on it that way. Then I add do additional shaping as need be with a file or sandpaper.

Then I got a buffer wheel that I just attach to my drill, put my drill into a bench clamp thing, hold down the trigger with some tape. This part is pretty crucial, and it took a few hardware stores to find this... I use some buffing compound. The stuff I like is for polishing gold and silver. This would be good for those of you who are simply reshaping picks. Gives it that nice shiny polish.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Any of you have any techniques that work for you? Ciao!

BucoWillieGojdanDave_PBill Da Costa Williams


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