How to master the right hand technique?

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It’s not a webinar. It’s not a challenge. It’s an event.

It's a transformation. It’s work and It’s geared to give you a true outcome.

If you are a Gypsy jazz guitarist who is looking to master the proper right hand technique for Gypsy Jazz guitar, get that authentic tone and play like the pros then comment "EVENT" so I can send you all the details of the event.

So whether you're "ok" with your playing but struggle to take it to the next level...

Or you’re putting all your energy into wanting to get better but are feeling lost and confused about how to practice, what to practice and what to focus on in order to really get better...

What I’m going to teach you inside this workshop teaches aspiring professional Gypsy jazz guitarists how to get rid of the stiffness when you play in front of other people and how you can play with relaxation and confidence in the next 3 months.

And will help you “shortcut” your way to conquer the right-hand technique for Gypsy Jazz Guitar so that you get that authentic Gypsy jazz tone.

The “3 Pillars Method” that I teach during the event is a process ANY Gypsy Jazz guitarist can implement and repeat to master the Gypsy jazz guitar technique so that you become a confident player.

I currently have students that with this method have been able to find, nurture and honour their own unique style, and found the confidence to promote their work and start getting paid to play. You don't need to be Django Reinhardt to be a professional guitarist and share your music with the world.

Each one of us has their own unique, special musical identity: it's all about learning how to hone your guitar skills to a performance level, shift your mindset and learn the right techniques.

I'll teach you all this in the event.

Simply put, if you’re a Gypsy jazz guitarist looking to master the proper right hand technique for Gypsy Jazz guitar, get that authentic tone and play like the pros...the 3 Pillars Method that I reveal during the event WILL work for you.

The event is free and it takes place on January 29th and 30th 2022.

Sign up for the event here:

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