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GJ players and Selmac style guitars in New Zealand

krzyskrzys New
in Classifieds Posts: 1


I have been a fan of Django for most of my life and would like to get more serious about playing GJ and improvising. I mostly learn to copy American swing, pre-bop stuff and country records.

Are there any local forum members? Would be fun to meet up after lockdown. Perhaps next year at this rate.

I've been using Godin 5th Avenue guitars - both the pickup and non pickup versions. Would like to get a proper GJ guitar, but they're a bit rare down here. Any info would be appreciated!


  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    edited October 14 Posts: 1,222

    I met a guy called Andrew in NZ who was playing Selmac style guitar in his band "Hot Club Sandwich". They were not playing GJ music though.

    I'm not aware of any active forum members from NZ...

  • TonyReesTonyRees New South Wales, Australia
    edited October 14 Posts: 113

    There is quite a GJ scene and plenty of guitars in Oz (where I am) if you fancy a visit (not that I am really a part of it, but watch from a distance...). Shops like the Acoustic Centre in Melbourne carry a range of factory made Selmac style instruments (Gitane and Altamira) and I guess would ship without problem: ... there is also a newish operation "Gypsy Jazz Australia" who seems to be importing some higher end (handcrafted) models, ... (note, I have no affiliation or hands on experience with either operation, although I did get some strings once from the Acoustic Centre!)

    I am sure others can advise more as there is quite an active GJ scene here, including an annual festival (pre COVID) in Brisbane each November. Searching on OzManouche will bring all that up.

    Cheers - Tony Rees

  • TonyReesTonyRees New South Wales, Australia
    Posts: 113

    There seem to be - or have been - a few GJ outfits in New Zealand as well - Google tells me of Swing 42 (Christchurch), Gypsy Jazz Attack and Twistin' the Swing (Auckland) and Hot Cafe (Wellington) ... I have an old prerecorded tape by the last from many years back and it is very good (not sure if the band members are the same, though). Better shut up now though in case I talk too much about things I know nothing about!


  • TonyReesTonyRees New South Wales, Australia
    edited October 14 Posts: 113

    Of course Oz has some good resident players as well who maybe tour in NZ, or have done in the past, including George Washingmachine (violin) + his band, The Date Brothers, Hank Marvin (Perth - yes, THE Hank Marvin), plus some recently departed including Ewan Mackenzie and Jon Delaney (both deceased, unfortunately). I put a video of Jon up here recently in his memory:

    If you look on youtube you will find more clips of these and other local players over here. Try this one of Ewan MacKenzie + band "Swing Manouche:" - very good and pro-shot (unlike mine mentioned above!)

    Cheers - Tony

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