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BYO “making of a maccaferri” series

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Cologne based luthier Marko Dujic has videos on his construction of a Gypsy guitar. apologies if this has already been posted.

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  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
    Posts: 551

    This is neat to watch. For those builders out there, it doesn't appear to me that he has put in the pliage, and it doesn't seem that he has "bent" the top to fit the sides. In fact, it looks to me like he just laid the top onto the body and glued it in. Did I see that correctly? How does this method affect the sound vs. the pliage or bent top method of construction?

    Thanks in advance for the knowledge.

  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,103

    I have not watched it yet but it's possible to have the pliage taper off a bit towards the edges so you don't have to bend it so much to mate up with the sides.

  • Posts: 3,286

    In this video it kinda looks like the board where he's joining the two halfs has a belly

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  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
    Posts: 551

    Yeah, I rewatched the 3rd video and saw that backing board is carved out. Then he uses those long screw machine clamps to press the braces (which are curved) into the top, getting the arch that I wasn't seeing the first time around. I didn't realize at first this was how it was done, but then saw another set of videos that filled in the gaps.

    I've linked that series of videos below. Part 4 shows him shaping the braces. This guy has a CNC machine, which probably makes a lot of this easier. The linked video is Part 6, which is the one linked, and it clearly shows the top bending.

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