Experience with Jürgen Volkert Guitars?

Hi all,

Has anyone here tried a Volkert guitar? They seem to be highly esteemed by some players in Germany and Austria (most notably Joscho Stephan, Diknu Schneeberger) and seems to enjoy a good reputation in that region. I wonder how his guitars would be characterized generally - e.g. "modern" vs. "old" sounding, playability, etc and how they compare to some other luthier-built guitars in a similar price range.

I hope I will get the chance to try one myself next year but would appreciate additional insights and experiences from folks here.



  • rudolfochristrudolfochrist Worms, GermanyNew Dupont MD-100
    edited November 2020 Posts: 81

    I had the opportunity to hear an play several Volkert guitars and all of them were superb. I played one shortly after I played the guitar Stefan Hahl had built for Biréli Lagrène (which is the best guitar I ever played. Sound-wise and playability-wise. Unfortunately it's not up for sale 😅 ) and was blown away. Awesome sound from the very first chord I played. Absolutely stunning. I would describe the sound as more modern, but still very dry, crisp and with a punch. Further I would say that the Volkert guitars have a unique sound not found anywhere else. That's what you just have to like or not. The single, small critic point I can give is, that on all Volkerts I had in my hands, the fret marker was on the 9th fret instead of the 10th. That seems to be more common for them. I know it's changed easily, but still I would prefer if it were on the 10th fret right away.

    Even I liked the Hahl (or my Dupont) more I would say that the Volkerts are in no way inferior to them.

    dboxBill Da Costa Williams
  • canvascanvas GermanyNew Jürgen Volkert, Geronimo Mateos Audrey
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    I own a Volkert guitar and the guitar is fantastic. He is one of the most experienced Luthiers in Selmer style guitars and a superb luthier in general. The guitars all have a dry but rich sound. He makes them from solid wood. You can choose the woods, the dimensions of the neck, the shape of the soundhole and the positions of the fret markers (one of my fret markers is on the 10th fret). I choose the options per phone. The sound is very Selmer like but also unique. Joscho played my guitar and he said that the sound is 100 percent Volkert. That means he makes characteristic guitars but also traditional. The guitar is very loud also.

    My advise: don’t hesitate you won’t be disappointed.


    Bill Da Costa Williamsrudolfochristdbox
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