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Classical posture for taller players?

therealguyfitherealguyfi Milwaukee, WINew Barault
in Technique Posts: 44

I am nearly 6’4” with long arms and two days ago I tried using the classical guitar posture, with the guitar between my legs and lower. Wow....this results in my elbow being a little less bent and my shoulder being a whole lot more relaxed and all of the sudden picking above 220 is not a problem.

When you have long arms you have to have your elbow pulled way back to pick between the sound hole and the bridge. This puts my arm almost parallel to the strings and creates a 90 degree (or greater) bend in my elbow, with my shoulder pulling my elbow back, tension city.

I wish I’d figured this out 10 years ago, before I had the cervical spinal fusion that makes rotating my neck to look at the first couple frets (now further to the left) more difficult. I guess it’s time to stop looking at the guitar.


  • Posts: 42

    Yep fellow lanky man. I don’t quite use classical posture but I have to either cross my legs, use a foot stool or preferably (for the sake of actual good posture) use a strap that pull the neck up high enough. I also end up with a much more relaxed wrist because of the angle.

  • pdgpdg ✭✭
    Posts: 144

    I'm only 5' 10", but due to "thoracic outlet syndrome" I use the Ergoplay ("Tappert" model) guitar support on the left leg, plus the shortest footstool under the left foot. It makes my right shoulder/neck/elbow/back feel good, plus it allows good right-hand technique. For 14-fret guitars, though, you have to be careful not to lean your body to the left. Antoine Boyer sometimes uses a guitar support, but it's on the right leg (for Gypsy jazz).

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