Free Group Lessons With Filippo Dall'Asta on Zoom

jonpowljonpowl Hercules, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Altamira M01F
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A link showed up in the FB San Francisco Bay Area Gypsy Jazz group for a free two week trial of group Zoom lessons with Filippo Dall'Asta. I like that price, so I joined one of the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Zoom classes and was delighted. Filippo has a relaxed style and is very knowledgeable in the genre. He offers eight weekly themes consisting of Right Hand Technique, Rhythm, Chords, Scales and Arpeggios, Licks, Learn Standards, Transcribe Solos, and Learn Theory. PDFs, charts, chord diagrams, and backing tracks are readily available as are class videos should you not be able to attend. A 15 minute Q&A follows each class. There are several slots every week so you can pick the time that suits your schedule. This week's theme is Transcribe Solos and I believe we are working on Django's solo for Manoir de Mes Reves. Every class features extra assignments for the next week and "bonus steps" for intermediate and advanced students. There is also a group performance at the end of a session that you can take part in. The free trial has been extended to 4 weeks and your first month will only be $19, $49 monthly thereafter. Highly recommended for advanced beginner thru advanced and can be found at Filippo Dall'Asta Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover.



  • jonpowljonpowl Hercules, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Altamira M01F
    Posts: 706

    I hope somebody takes advantage of this excellent series of lessons. Next Zoom class is Friday, Oct. 16 at 10:00 AM in California. Tomorrow's theme is Transcribing and we will be working on Django's solo from Django's Castle. Don't forget, it's free for a month.

    (The next coaching session is tomorrow, Friday 16th of October at 7 PM (CEST/CENTRAL EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME!) Check the time in your time zone here:

  • filippodallastafilippodallasta Berlin, GermanyNew
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    Thanks John,

    I appreciate the review!

    The course has been running since March and I have to say I have been getting excellent feedback so far.

    Yes at the moment I am offering 30-days free trials.

    Next week's lesson is on "Right Hand Technique"

    People can join through this page:

    Looking forward to sharing this beautiful music with you all.

    Filippo Dall'Asta

  • jerojero Michiana✭✭✭✭ J.P. Favino, Godefroy Maruejouls
    Posts: 63

    Hi all,

    I've been taking part in Filippo's lessons since March, and it's been transformative. As Jon already described, Filippo's lessons build on each other so that, rather than just learning licks, I feel that I now have a better understanding of both the fretboard and harmony. Indeed, I've been able to use a lot of what we've gone over in non-GJ contexts.

    Filippo is very good at explaining things, and really pays attention to his student's progress.

    Highly recommended, particularly for those of you who, like myself, live in an area that doesn't have a thriving scene.

  • jonpowljonpowl Hercules, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Altamira M01F
    Posts: 706

    Here is a beautiful rendition of "Night and Day" by Filippo Dall'Asta and Lucia Boffo.

  • JacopoJacopo New
    Posts: 1

    Hi guys,

    I have taken part in Filippo's course and can absolutely confirm what's been said so far.

    I had always been fascinated by Gipsy Jazz and had only made clumsy and unsuccesful attempts at approaching it: Filippo's lessons enabled me to understand the secrets behind it and massively improved my skills, allowing me very quickly to start playing this genre in an effective way.

    I think the reason for this rapid improvement lies in a few key unique elements of Filippo's lessons:

    • each lesson is carefully designed to cover a different specific aspect of gipsy jazz guitar in turns, with clear learning goals: this ensure an all-round coverage and prevents indolence.
    • The lessons are planned to be beneficial regardless of your current guitar level.
    • The small group teachings favour interaction and create an ejoyable and prolific learning environment that motivates you to improve.
    • Filippo clearly has an impressive inside knowledge of gipsy jazz, tremendous guitar skills and undisputable talents as a teacher, while being very friendly and approachable. He breaks down every topic in great depth and teaches it in a plain and easily understandable way.

    For these reasons I would really recommend Filippo's Gipsy Jazz Guitar Makeover to anyone keen to improve their Gipsy Jazz guitar skills.

    I hope this review helps, please write if you need more info.

    PS: check out Filippo's records, lots of tasteful playing, which is not something to be taken for granted I think.


  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Dupont Nomade - Dupont DM-50E
    Posts: 1,337

    Welcome, @Jacopo . Glad you are enjoying the lessons.

  • mandocatmandocat Santa Rosa, CA✭✭✭ AJL XO, Eastman 905CE, PRS SE
    Posts: 82

    I agree with all the previous comments. Filippo is an excellent teacher and very organized. The classes are done in eight week cycles, focusing on a different topic every week. Filippo is very encouraging and the weekly assignments are perfect for my skill level. Highly recommended.

    Mark H

  • fasilendfasilend New
    edited May 2023 Posts: 1

    Thank you sir.


  • ua_aliveua_alive New
    Posts: 1

    This is such a complete course it is absolutely brilliant. I have been a participating in for the last 9 months and have noticed huge improvements in my playing and knowledge not only in Gypsy Jazz but also in my whole understanding of music. Filippo is a brilliantly motivated positive teacher who is totally committed to his students success. He really connects with you understands you and the journey you are on, where you are at, and gently but firmly keeps you moving forward.

  • Posts: 8

    Filippo dall'Asta Is a great musician and master, i've joined his course 2 months ago and i'm totally satisfied! He has a good playing and competency on live lessons. I've noticed improvements about my playing and theory knoeledge after only 2 months. 100% suggested!

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