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John Le Voi 12 String Acoustic Guitar

I'm selling a 1983 12 String John Le Voi Acoustic Guitar. I would love this beautiful guitar to go to someone who will treasure it as much as my Dad did. It was his guitar and he sadly passed away last year. Any interest out there?


  • CC1234CC1234 New
    Posts: 3
  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
    Posts: 279

    Sorry for your loss.

    Maybe you could post some pictures on here or send a link to a reverb listing.

  • CC1234CC1234 New
    Posts: 3

    John Le Voi 12 String

    Some information I found on this guitar!

    "Wonderful sounding 12 string that's totally playable. Made in 1981 by British Lutier John Le Voi. One of a very small number of 12 strings ever made by John. Famous for his Selmer Maccaferri Style Jazz Guitars. John incorporated the Selmer style into this guitar to make the tone amazingly sweet. The jazz style tail piece helps this guitar sustain like a ringing bell. As you would expect from a world renowned Luthier it is made from the best tone woods"

    The condition for its age is very good with only the odd small mark to the finish - see photos.

    I emailed John Le Voi recently and he informed me I had the price right.

    See John's website

    billyshakesBill Da Costa Williamsmac63000Buco
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