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I got a copyright violation claim on a video of me playing Swing valse (RESOLVED)

kimmokimmo Helsinki, Finland✭✭✭✭
edited July 2020 in Welcome Posts: 169

Last tuesday I published a video in Youtube. It's about me playing 'Swing valse' by Gus Viseur and Baro Ferret.

Only a few hours after publishing, a copyright claim was raised by Muserk Rights Management. Muserk claims to be an AI Driven Rights Management. Representing hundreds of thousands of songwriters and other rights holders across the globe, we find more royalties - faster. The claim was that I'm violating owner rights in some countries, which basically covered most of North and South America.

So it seems I was flagged by a robot (AI Driven).

It's not a dead serious claim. They say the video can keep being available, I'm just not allowed to earn/monetize with it. I don't care about that - at least for now - because I'm not even in any monetization program whatsoever.

But in principle I find it a bit repulsive that I get claimed to violate immaterial rigths - by a bot - on a tune that's

-originally been written, published and recorded in France in 1940

-it's played in my vid by me and only me - all tracks

-whose both authors passed away in mid 1970's

So I did dispute the copyright violation claim. Let's see what happens. At least I suppose it will have to be verified by a real person in the "AI Driven Rights Management" company. They might even be right - it's not yet 50 years since Baro Ferret died, and sometimes the restricted period can hold up to 70 years. But let's see...

This is the forensic evidence, at least for the time being:



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