Gig Bag for a Selmer - Mono M80 / Reunion Blues Continental Voyager



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    My Dupont Nomade came with a gig bag, but it has a layer of stag molded foam that is actually hard so it's kind of a combination gig bag case. There is a space cut away inside where the bridge sits. I actually really like it. The brand is Tobago. Thought I'd mention it in case it might work for you.

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    Thanks! It looks like the top might actually touch the bridge but with no pressure as it doesn't have that rigid structure within the Reunion Blues.

    I have now ordered the Gator though, it is has a little extra depth (5.5 inches), and it's a bit less expensive.

    I will update you on my saga :)

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    I dunno, I saw also some other post of people mention it the reunion blues conti as a good fit but on older models.

    This new one is AMAZING but it has a rigid kinda structure within the top of the gig bag, which is partially flexible so when you close it you will find that the top rests on the bridge. once actually zipping it up you will notice that it will bends slightly over the bridge, applying some pressure.

    Now it might not be tons of pressure yet I don't like the idea of too much of a tight fit on that spot.

    Obviously I might be wrong and too much stressed about it :)

    As I said before, the gigbag itself is AMAZING and I am bummed that I can't keep it.

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    Hi everybody, I have eventually got the Gator gig bag.

    It is not on the same level as the Reunion Blues even though it is very well made and the padding is real thick.

    The Reunion Blues is definitely more "advanced" and that flexoskeleton makes it really safe for the guitar - the Gator is like a super pumped up and fine gig bag but it's more on the "gig bag " side, rather than being an almost "hardcase"

    I have made a quick video to show you the pressure on the bridge issue. Hope it helps!

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    Great video, many thanks. Of the two I'd go with the Gator. I wouldn't be happy with the RB either.

    The vertigo would be similar in fit to the Gator, as I remember, that's if you felt like splashing out on a fancier bag.

    That gorgeous guitar certainly justifies it.

    Andrea Vergani
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    I wonder how well the Tric case would work? A friend has one for his dreadnought and I always thought it was a good compromise between protection and light weight. It's basically a rigid foam shell surrounded by a fabric cover. This one says it would fit a Godin archtop:

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    Tric case is my favorite based on everything I saw. Dennis was trying to design a specific GJ guitar model with Godin for a while. I don't know how far along they came but I'm guessing they probably figured dreadnought model would do the job and it wasn't worth additional work. They look like a fantastic case.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    It looks quite nice! I remember one of my mate's Godin came with a sort of futurist foam case, really sturdy yet light.

    This one looks an improved version - as I can tell from the pictures it has a little slot in the foam where our raised bridge would, pretty much like the Hiscox has. I reckon it should fit a Selmer!

    I am settled on my Gator for the time being though - for long haul commuting /travel I would still use the his cox, and for gigs in town (when?? :D nothing at the moment) I will use the Gator.

    In general I'd say that any dreadnought case will fit a Selmer, the main issue to be aware of is that our guitars needs extra depth in the case due to the bridge.

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