Fenwyck's Farfel by pianist Vince Guaraldi

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....What a great tune from San Francisco Trio Vince Guaraldi (piano), Eddie Duran (guitar) and Dean Reilly (Bass). Recorded in SF in April 1956 it is an instrumental blues in flat 4 time that can be played in a subtle "pompe". Key of Dm and uses simple chords we are all familiar with in gypsy swing Em7b5 (or Gm6 depending on what bass note you want) and A7. Also has some chromatic syncopated movement. What attracted me to gypsy swing was the absence of "blue notes" but this tune with blue notes is a keeper and can be played in a gypsy swing set as a different sound. Solo guitar uses some octave melody lines ala Wes Montgomery or contemporary gypsies.
....The album is Vince Guaraldi Trio, Fantasy Records 1987 (Remastered).
....I was not interested in the rest of the tunes on the CD and would not buy it for this instrumental alone.
....Anybody familiar with this composition?
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