Q+A / Private online concert with Bireli Lagrene, Jimmy Rosenberg, Rocky Gresset, Tchavolo Schmitt,

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Hello friends! Hope everyone is doing well. I am stuck in Taiwan where it’s actually quite safe. As many of you know, practically every event has been cancelled including my favorite Django in June. I originally had a three week tour with Tchavolo Schmitt, and was gonna play the big stage at the Django Reinardt Festival in France with Jimmy Rosenberg.

I suppose I am one of the very lucky few musicians not in financial ruin thanks to DC Music School, but a lot of my colleagues are not doing well. Some better than others. Bireli is fine for now but is considering selling some guitars if things don’t get better.

Benji Winterstein asked me to help him give lessons a while back and I hosted an online workshop for him that was a lot of fun. Now Bireli , Jimmy, Rocky , Tchavolo, Adrien Moignard, Angelo Debarre all want in on the fun.

I will be donating most of the proceeds to them, because they need it. If any of you are interested, please send me an email at [email protected]

Instead of an actual workshop, it will be live solo concert and Q+A . If there are enough participants, I will take a bit of extra money and transcribe the cool stuff on Soundslice. Furthermore, if there’s a bit of extra money for me, I would also like to contribute to Django in June’s GoFundMe. Andrew is extremely passionate about his festival, and I know that he lost a LOT of money on this one.

So this is the way it works, you email me first to tell me which event interests you. Jimmy Rosenberg will be this coming Sunday at 5:30pm Amsterdam time, 11:30am NYC time, 8:30am LA time. Rocky Gresset will be Saturday May 2nd, yet to determine time but possibly 6pm or 7pm France time

I have yet to set dates for the other artists.

You can email me at [email protected] , my PayPal is the same, and we are asking 25$ CANADIAN which should be fairly cheap in USD or Euro. But please email first before paying, so I can then put everyone on an email list.

10-15 minutes before start time, I will send everyone a private link on Youtube to join the live session where you can ask questions and watch. I will call the artist on Skype, and share the screen. I will also record the screen separately in case there are Youtube issues. I can then reupload it on Youtube as a private video for all the participants, so you can watch forever. With enough participants, I ‘ll transcribe whatever I think is cool. So if interested, you know what to do!

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