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Would you like to have more skills in your Gypsy Jazz guitar playing?

The good news is, you can!

Join Filippo Dall'Asta for a special, one-of-a-kind program that helps you learn the proper Gypsy Jazz guitar skills and accelerate your progress on your instrument.

Each week, you'll have a 60-minute (+15 minutes Q&A) call with your group (scheduled at several times each week to suit most time zones).

​During this weekly call, you will learn from Filippo in real-time and you will be able to interact with Filippo and with the other students, via video or via the chat box.

Each week, we will be working on a different category of your Gypsy Jazz Guitar playing: right hand technique, rhythm, chords, scales & arpeggios, licks, learn standards (repertoire), transcribe solos and music theory.

- Develop a great right hand technique, also known as "Gypsy picking", through a study of rest-strokes.

​- Learn the different rhythms in Gypsy Jazz music: the authentic Gypsy Jazz rhythm also know as "La Pompe", as well as Gypsy Bossa, Waltz, Rumba and more...

​- Study all the scales and arpeggios mostly used in traditional Gypsy Jazz music (Harmonic Minor, Diminished, Augmented,...) as well as scales and arpeggios used in modern Gypsy Swing (Melodic Minor, Superlocrian, Bebop, Lydian Dominant,...).

​- Improve your licks vocabulary learning musical ideas by Django Reinhardt and by the best Gypsy jazz players on the scene today (Stochelo & Mozes Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene, Lollo Meier, Angelo Debarre, Adrien Moignard, Gonzalo Bergara...).

​- Master all the typical chords used in Jazz Manouche, both in a comping and in a soloing situation.

​- Expand your repertoire by learning new Gypsy Jazz and Jazz standards.

​​- Transcribe: we will transcribe and analyze tens of Gypsy jazz solos (by Django Reinhardt and by the best players on the scene), and you will receive a PDF transcription after every session.

​- Soak up the music theory behind this beautiful music and learn how to apply it.

​- Enhance your live performance​ skills.

​- Become crystal clear about what to practice on guitar.

The #1 reason most people don't achieve their music goals is because they don't know what to practice.

​- Become crystal clear about how to practice. You will learn a lot of useful tips on how to maximise your practice time.​​

​​- Create actions that are both doable and effective in producing the results you want.

Click on the link below to learn more!

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