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Mastering Gypsy jazz guitar improvisation

vilhelmovilhelmo San Francisco Bay AreaNew


  • DanielJDanielJ AdelaideNew Ibanez RG550
    Posts: 5

    These are interesting books, I could use them, too. Have you tried looking for them on the Internet?

  • vilhelmovilhelmo San Francisco Bay AreaNew
    Posts: 6

    I've tried but haven't found anything.

  • marcelodamonmarcelodamon Hattiesburg, MS✭✭✭ 2005 AJL Modèle Marcelo Damon Selmer copy, 2020 Aylward Favino copy
    edited January 4 Posts: 31

    Hello Vilhelmo and DanielJ,

    I am the author of that book, and as far as I know, it sold out of all of the copies I had initially printed (many years ago). I just released a book of waltzes earlier this year and I am working on the second volume of that book, as well as a book of complete transcriptions for the Caravan album put out by the Rosenberg Trio. However, after these projects are done, I was entertaining the idea of re-vamping the book in question (a revised 2nd edition of Mastering Gypsy Jazz Improvisation). I am sure I will get around to doing that at some point, but I am now an Emergency Medicine physician, so I don't have as much free time as I did before; when I was a professional musician. I'll keep you updated though, if you'd like.


    Marcelo Damon

    Bucomac63000Bill Da Costa Williamsonio
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