Looking for Altamira Mo1f

Getting ready to buy a Altamira mo1f and wanted to check if anyone one has a used one their looking to sell before I bite the bullet on buying one new.


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    Hey King_Cardboard not sure where you are located, but there is one available here locally at Music-Go-Round in Duluth, GA.  However, it is used, it is missing one of the moustache pieces, and they are asking the same price as what Michael is selling them for here on

    I have tried it out a few times, and it is starting to grow on me.  It has more bass than my Altamira M30D and the tone is a bit darker, and woody-er...   My M30D is super bright and crunchy by comparison.  Still, it sounds and feels like a proper gypsy guitar should. 

    They also have a Café American for $300 but it is not setup properly, and has the electric guitar strings on it... yuck!!!.  The sound on that can only be described as "cringy"... LOL... definitely not recommended...

    Either way, good luck on your quest.  You can't go wrong with the Altamiras.  They have the sound and the feel, and are quite affordable.  I have had 2 Gitanes and a Cigano before, and the Altamiras are at least 2 or 3 notches above the cheaper Asian guitars that I have owned.

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