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crothcroth ✭✭
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Hi All,

I acquired a brand new Definity Preamp from Michael only a few weeks ago mostly just to see if it operated any differently with the Definity pickups I use than the K&K Pure Preamp I already had.

I only opened it up to try it out, and used it just that once. Otherwise this is basically brand new. I found that, other than the external controls on the Pure preamp, it operated similarly as far as its impedance matching and tone-production features were concerned.

You get it as I received it, in its original box and packaging but without a manual. There is nothing to learn though. It has internal tone controls and an internal phase switch. For me, it operated perfectly right out of the box. You can get the manual here:

The current selling price for one of these is $72. I'll let this go for $45 including 1st Class mail shipping and if you live in the LI, NY area, you can pick it up directly for $40.

For quicker responses, I suggest that you email me directly at crothman AT optonline DOT net (without the spaces)

Thanks for looking.



  • plankityplankity CTNew
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    For any lookers, Carl came through with a very accurate description, friendly easy-to-deal with demeanor, and very fast shipping! Thanks, Carl!

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