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Anyone have a chord chart for "Hot Lips"

I have two good resource books of gypsy jazz tunes, but this one isnt in either of them and I couldnt find one in pdf format on the internet. Does anyone have a chord chart for this tune they could email me ? Thanks in advance.

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Anyone have a chart for Une Histoire SimpleThis tune appears on the second Bireli Gipsy Project CD, although I had thought the name was Ballade Jessie. Is anyone familiar with the song and the… Powerfibers Repertoire 5 / 2K angareskero on August 2007
Anyone have tab or a chart for "David"?Anyone have the tab or standard notation for this tune? Here is an excellent rendition: [url=!v=Onjh6YjnSd8&feature=… Charlie Ayers Repertoire 3 / 274 Charlie Ayers on April 2010
anyone have a used calton case fit for a mac?Im looking for an more affordable option. If it works, it'll work. must be fit for a selmer style oval hole 14 fretter. any leads would be grea… melodymaker Classifieds 4 / 349 melodymaker on August 2010
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Looking for a GJ Guitar for a Friend on a BudgetFolks, I have a friend who is a fine jazz guitarist on the West Coast looking to get a gypsy guitar. His budget is $1,100 tops. That eliminates a lot… Michael Bauer Classifieds 1 / 598 backdrifter on August 2014
Valse a Tchavolo ...Anyone have a trancription ?Hi: Does anyone have a transcription of this tune (Valse a Tchavolo ) ? I would love to have a copy. Thanks David lmntry Repertoire 3 / 1.2K Barengero on October 2006
Anyone have a lead sheet for Crazy RhythmI love this tune, but having no luck finding a sheet on it. beavertoof Repertoire 1 / 581 beavertoof on January 2009
Anyone have a used Nickel Tailpiece for sale or trade?Hi, I am looking for a used nickel tailpiece to match my nickel tuners. Please PM in interested. Thanks - Dean constantine Classifieds 1 / 318 constantine on February 2012
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ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A BETTER MIC CLIP FOR A DPA VO4099-G?I purchased the DPA VO4099-G - Guitar Mic w/Clip but I’m really disappointed with the quality of mic clip that connects on the guitar. the mic clip … pickglen Guitars, Strings, Picks, Amps, Pickups and Other Accessories 2 / 207 pickglen on October 2016
Anyone have a backing track for "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams" ?Trying to locate a gypsy jazz style backing track for this tune. currently I am using biab but it really doesnt have the sound I am looking for. … larryl Gypsy Rhythm 0 / 46 larryl on March 22
A case for a Gitane D-500?So I just got a D-500. Does anyone have advice on a case that works well? Thanks! viper Guitars, Strings, Picks, Amps, Pickups and Other Accessories 14 / 4.6K drolling on January 2005
looking to rent a stimer for a session 11/19 in Los AngelesI'm recording my next record on sunday 11/19 and I wanted to use a stimer on a track. does anyone in los angeles have one I could rent for the day? t… Campusfive Guitars, Strings, Picks, Amps, Pickups and Other Accessories 1 / 683 Campusfive on November 2006
Does anyone have a Mehling Django-style gypsy jazz booklet?Hi Guys, I am missing the booklet for volume 2 of Paul Mehling's "Django-Style Gypsy Jazz Guitar" video, the one on soloing. Does anyone have one t… andy Classifieds 1 / 936 andy on December 2006
Do you have a used good pickup for sale?Does anyone have a used pickup for sale? Im looking for a schatten with external preamp ideally, but Im into something that will work without having… melodymaker Classifieds 1 / 821 melodymaker on April 2007
Does anyone have a mp3 Ain't Misbehavin' and Minor Swing?I'm looking for mp3s with just the backing track for Ain't Misbehavin' and Minor Swing! I'm not trying to illegaly download music here, as I have the… Arnstein Gypsy Jazz 101 4 / 1.3K Arnstein on August 2007
Repertoire for performing for a music academyI need some help choosing repertoire for performing for a music academy. I am going to try and join a music university in Norway. Unfortunatly I can… Johan Repertoire 3 / 1.2K Jack on December 2007
I have a chance to buy a used D-500Hi folks; I am a newbie to this site and GJ playing and I have a chance to buy a 2 year old Gitane D-500 with a soft case for $550 CDN. Is this a go… ZeroFret Guitars, Strings, Picks, Amps, Pickups and Other Accessories 11 / 1.3K beebo on January 2008


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